its 23/01/11/23: Klein Bottles is out on IKUISUUS!

synths, viola, guitars, harmonica, bells, small cymbals, synthesizers, microphones & speakers by Jorge Boehringer between 2012-2022 in Prague, CZ, Turku, FI and Huddersfield & Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK (another tip of the iceberg) physical cassettes there or directly from me in person:, Edition of 80 copies.January 2023. Digital version available at: whats ever below this... Continue Reading →

Chlorine Posset’s Molar Crime: New Fun on Chocolate Monk

I've had a sneak preview, actually two, at different times, of Molar Crime, the new Posset/Chlorine wormhole, who just released their new album New Fun on Chocolate Monk. Its gorgeous, and like most of the Chocomonk releases its only a fiver: This album is full of waves and weather. Sometimes, like in track 3,... Continue Reading →

Hear it Again, Be Surprised for the First Time (for money) : Poprvé a za pen​í​ze: Plej Granda Surprizo

After being back in Prague recently and connecting with so many old friends, I have been listening to a lot of stuff from our collective record label there and one album in particular has been on rapid rotation: Plej Granda Surprizo from Poprvé a za pen​í​ze. Noise fanatics, and perhaps others, will rejoice: Poprvé... Continue Reading →

A Forest of Feedback: Small Collection of Reviews of Some Recent Releases

It's been a fairly busy year for me, but also a pretty solitary one. Granted, I have made it out to some amazing events, seen lots of friends, and had conversations that were impossible over the previous few years due to lockdowns and life pressures. However, isolation isn't just about physical or societal constraints on... Continue Reading →

NeAnoNeNoNo: New Issue Emerging This Sunday at Zero Parameters Festival

ame ( is hosting an amazing festival this weekend in Huddersfield. Full details here: We are performing on Sunday, in a special sonic ritual in celebration of the new issue of the austere and formidable journal NeAnoNeNoNo (read the first issue here: "But whats in gonna be?" You ask...well, a good question friend,... Continue Reading →

Slow Wave Trail: exhibition of new environmental situations: opens Monday June 20th @ Bound Books

Slow Wave Trail an exhibition of new environmental works by Eleanor Rose Cully Boehringer and Jorge Boehringer opens above The Bound bookshop in Whitley Bay in one week! Monday evening opening with performances from us (Kneeling Coats) and Craig Stewart Johnson. Free. 18:30 June 20th. Just a short hop from Monkseaton metro stop (wherein you... Continue Reading →

Core of the Coalman: Lines, released on Tor Press!

Tor Press has just released a four cd set of my sustained and suspended sounds made with viola, harmonica, and feedback. Digital version also available ! Each disk features beautiful handmade linocut artwork from Jake Blanchard.  So pleased to see this emerge into the world.  Hope you will head over there and give it... Continue Reading →

Out this Instant : Learn Crytography : a Wobbly/Core of the Coalman Collaborative Concern

re(Out) today, this cryptic split by myself and Wobbly: press play while you read all about it (you can also buy it for a measly seven bucks...less than a stick of chewing gum in america these days, so that's a good deal) warning, some information follows, but you don't have to read it, you... Continue Reading →

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