Continuity and Pattern: On Growth and Form & the Core of the Coalman

Meanwhile: On Growth and Form [bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=137761198 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false] <a href="">meanwhile by Jorge Boehringer</a> sounds for empty roomsmusic for emptiness orempty roomsempty rooms for sound orrooms for empty sound orempty sounds for rooms(1)I made a synthesiser and plotted a trajectory that it followed in its own way. I threw away something.... Continue Reading →

The WINDING: a new record from Core of the Coalman A little melody is made by the wind, and winds up different in different weather. It wakes up on different days and puts on a different suit, it goes out in different weather and has different conversations with friends, hears different birds (and fish). It writes these down in different tunings, and teaches them... Continue Reading →

A Short Documentary About An Exhibition of Repetition that Didn’t Repeat + further aural information

This show concerns the emergence of material structures and experiences under iteration.  Larger and smaller scale forms emerging through multiplicity on other orders of magnitude. The curatorial questions intersect some of the questions at the core of my own artistic practice: Can there be repetition?  What is it?  How is it felt?  Can repetition occur... Continue Reading →

performing this sunday on radio///07.12.20 (5PM PDT) PONIIA #13

  elated to be performing with my good friend Yasi Perrera after a long long time!  tune in! soundcrack(.)net roaming radio a mobile live performance/DJ radio series net-broadcast directly from the tapped/cracked synapses of the criminally obscure check broadcast times/dates regularly as new dates are added/times are shifty/spontaneity is king Sunday 07.12.20 5pm (PDT) / 7pm (CDT) ... Continue Reading →

Second Release from On Growth and Form on Bandcamp Now

The second volume of binaural recordings from my 25.4 channel environmental sound installation Island of Natural Colours: 7 Tracks of spaceways and timewaves Leave footprints and/or messages in the sand: NOTE: AS THESE ARE BINAURAL MIXES HEADPHONE LISTENING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Between 2017 and 2020 I created several multichannel sound environments in slightly different versions... Continue Reading →

New Recordings from On Growth and Form and Core of the Coalman

On Growth and Form, Archipelago in Natural Colours, volume 1 ( Archipelago in Natural Colours volume 1 is the first in a series of planned releases of electronic sound compositions derived from my large-scale (25.4 channel) sound environment Island in Natural Colours, presented several times in installation form between 2017 and the present (for example... Continue Reading →

TOPH Housebound #10: Ultra-Deluxe Rollover Special: May 29, 8pm …

TOPH Housebound #10 JOIN THE SHOW (FREE OF COURSE) HERE: get all the details here: Since last week got cut short by the unstoppable onward march of technology, this one's a rollover special! So sit down for: ADAM CAMPBELL AND TINA KREKELS Microidation of tubic lung-lunge through serial electunneling aparratus. A fine particulate... Continue Reading →

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