Core of the Coalman: Lines, released on Tor Press!

Tor Press has just released a four cd set of my sustained and suspended sounds made with viola, harmonica, and feedback. Digital version also available ! Each disk features beautiful handmade linocut artwork from Jake Blanchard.  So pleased to see this emerge into the world.  Hope you will head over there and give it... Continue Reading →

Out this Instant : Learn Crytography : a Wobbly/Core of the Coalman Collaborative Concern

re(Out) today, this cryptic split by myself and Wobbly: press play while you read all about it (you can also buy it for a measly seven bucks...less than a stick of chewing gum in america these days, so that's a good deal) warning, some information follows, but you don't have to read it, you... Continue Reading →

Removal of the Walls and Windows: a radio show

I recently made a radio show for my friend Oliver Torr's FreeFormHyperSonixxXOrg_777 show on Ma3zef Radio from Tunis! I didn't realize that the air time was Tunis time when I posted it around in the UK, so maybe nobody caught it live. Anyway, you can listen here now. Happy Melting Head Day. the artwork... Continue Reading →

Peripheral Ethnography released today on Verz Imprint

cover drawing by Jorge Boehringer Peripheral Ethnography celebrates experimental music and sound in Huddersfield. Drawn to the town by its tradition of contemporary music making, these artists explored and rooted themselves in the community and its spaces, developing a fascinating range of practises. Curated by:David Veléz Layout by:Phil Maguire Music by:Jorge BoehringerJames BradburyDavid VelézBrutalust... Continue Reading →

Hair Strings and Magnets: Continuing Viola Solos at the Core of the Coalman, Out Now on Chocolate Monk!

Hair Strings and Magnets: continuing viola solos at the Core of the Coalman. Just published by international bureau of ambiguity and mysterious coincidence Chocolate Monk. 5 viola-shaped pieces performed with electronic things, written and recorded in leaky, empty, previously abandoned places in/around Huddersfield (or Huddersrfield) between 2014-2020. The cover image here is a mixture... Continue Reading →

New Core of the Coalman Track on Zum Audio Compilation!

Its Bandcamp Friday and Zum Audio just announced an epic 32-track compilation album and my sparkling new timeshifter, Incarnate Words, is on there along with previously unreleased music gleaned from the weird underground electronic/rock/noise scenes of America, Canada, Japan, Italy, and Australia: Alien Owl Cafe, My Heart An Inverted Flame, Looose, Kris & Tavi, Earth... Continue Reading →

Join us for an in-person show at Cafe Oto in London Thursday August 12!

Come see Eleanor and I play at Cafe Oto in London, IN PERSON this Thursday August 12! ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE: Two solo sets celebrating the new vague.Expect probable intrusions/assistance from each of us in the other's set, along with voices of birds, butterflies, refrigerators and perhaps ponds. Also Singing and Low Guitar. Some... Continue Reading →

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