Ludwig Also Says

(this time substitute "musical" for "philosophical")"Most propositions and questions that have been written about philosophical matters are not false but senseless. We cannot, therefore, answer questions of this kind at all, but only state their senselessness."Wittgenstein, Tractatus


White Noise Ritual

Isn't it interesting that we produce broadband white noise at the end of concert performances? I think it is espiecially effective on recordings.It is sort of like dessert.But wouldn't it be better if everyone did it before the music started?Maybe before AND after? I guess we do applaud before concerts sometimes.It seems like it would... Continue Reading →

Boudník’s Theory of Super-Energy As Applied Arbitrarily to The Present Situation

The resources of music have been opened completely to include everything, and yet the idea of 'music' has gained, rather than lost, meaning. Through work with experimental forms, music now includes many other fields, some not even sounding. Music, by its natures and through the florid embodiment of its manifold forms has led musicians to... Continue Reading →

What Seemed So Linear Suddenly Burst Into a New Chaotic Form

In light of the multiplicity of perspectives in artistic practices and the inevitability of form in existant materials, processes, and even concepts, it is most interesting for me to discuss at this point manifestations and various approaches to artistic and experimental practices of all kinds.I will also add to the increasing turbulence and nonlinearity of... Continue Reading →

Lightning Bolt, for example, and multiple personalities as an ideal

Form and function can be said to be negotiable in terms of the perspectives of the creators and users of particular forms. Even if one hasn't read any of the previous long long long long strings of words proceeding this present page, it seems obvious that if this is true anywhere within the encyclopedia of... Continue Reading →

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