New Ewe

Part of ewe ears is remembering where ewe came from:

I am remembering mysterious characters named Custodian, Color Zoo Containers, who released this tape in 2006:



I think they moved to Colorado. If they see this, and they feel like it, they can write me here.

Below are all my releases made during the last year:

These can also be found on the Core of the Coalman page on Footblock.

This first one is called Symmetrical Cavepeople:

The first track represents sound design sketches for an installation for the Narodni Musea, Praha (National Museum, Prague) I made with our group Libat. The group consisted of  Pascal Silondi, Jakub Grosz, Peter Marencik, Dmitry Strapchev, and Stefan Kyles ,  and I.   We have a website made for this project at

The second track is a composed take using material I created for an installation designed by Anders Gronlien for his exhibition in Started 10 at Galerie Klatovy Klenova in Czech republic.

The tracks 3, 4, and 5 were recorded during a live show in Berlin, at Raum 18, last ewe ears, and then molested.

The sixth track was from an installation of bird sounds I made for the wedding of two close friends (Marketa and Ryan Cole).

other tracks & those gone before, continuing.

Now Precambrian Figures:

This was released by Euan Currie, the titan of Edinburgh and lord of the dance, on his label Unverified Records and rabbits.  The photo above was taken by Petr Machan.

Track listing and notes can be decoded through these notes, euan just printed the letter I sent him about the notes in the cd, seems just as well.  It’s sort of a tribute record, in a strange way:


I don’t remember when this came out. It’s noisy and brought to you by Chocolate Monk.

The track listing and other info can be found here.  Like Symmetrical Cavepeople above, this represents some sound design work I did for some theatre groups here in Czech Republic, several years ago, along with some other experiments.

YOU’LL NEED A KATAPULT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Well, ok its time for singing and merriment, depression, and eventual death, so then (and I think this was even released at then end of last year) lets celebrate survival:

 I released this here in Czech Republic, on the label KlangUndKrach, it’s called You’ll Need A Katapult. This one has a lot of songs with singing. I can’t figure out if it is really in or out of print, but whatever.  For me this was a bit of a sequel to this Zum record.  Zum also released this one recently-ish, and I am sure they still have copies available, though I am almost out.

See ewes soon!!!


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