Placard Headphone Festival is coming to Prague!/Sluchátkový festival v Praze,všichni jsou zváni

všichni jsou zváni ***some people have asked is it important to register...the answer is yes because it will a long event and you might want a specific time, we might want to bring some wine for people to share, and it gives us all an idea of when different groups will arrive***ENGLISH TEXT SCROLL DOWN V sobotu... Continue Reading →

Rouilleux/Crippled Black Phoenix at Club 007 Strahov Wednesday 8pm

Rouilleux is a band I play the guitar in.  The other guitarist is also the songwriter and singer Lubos Rezek.  Last year, he released an album (listen here) that I did a lot of production for.  We have a show this Wednesday at 8 at 007 here in Prague with another band, Crippled Black Phoenix. Rouilleux Jedna... Continue Reading →

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