Core of the Coalman&Jarse(from Finland!)at Final Club Tuesday!

After a long pause, I will play a Core of the Coalman set this Tuesday at Final Club in Praha.  I am playing new things.  First some steady and moving states made with generative sheets of wind (to replace that which seems to have vanished unexpectedly), and the usual viola, resonant filters, and other electronic stuff.  I am also playing a new guitar piece I am about to send Job Collin for a tape on his Winebox Press label.  The tuning of this is special to a lot of the music I have been working on recently (to replace the vibration, or whatever, uh, nevermind..)

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The headlining band, Jarse, from Finland are totally amazing.  I think that Jari Souminen, who played solo here under this name last year, is one of my favorite musicians.  Now they are a duo, with drums (Jari played mostly keyboards and lights last time).  I am very excited to hear this!

Here is text they wrote about it:

A power duo from south coast of Finland, Jarse has been preparing for a psychedelic revolution since 2009, drawing inspiration from the psychedelic music from all decades, from dark prehistorical age to the distant future. In 2011 first official Jarse release, 7” single Alas (Fonal Records) saw daylight. It holds a record of being one of the fastest productions in the history of Fonal records, process from composing to the test pressings took less than two weeks. As the single was cut live at the tiny bedroom in eastern Helsinki with 13 session musicians, it also holds the record of being physically the tightest session in history of audio recording. To celebrate these achievements in summer 2011 Jarse played 6 week long European tour through central Europe, Scandinavia and even Iceland. Performances in pitch dark venues with a custom built flicker machine producing hallucinogenic vibrations left astonished audiences behind. While Jarse was forced to do this tour with a one member lineup, currently Jarse will manifesting their jaw-dropping version of modern day psychedelia as a two piece unit. The history of members of Jarse contains many notable bands such as Shogun Kunitoki, Rauhan Orkesteri, Kiila, Pymathon etc. Year 2012 will see the release of first Jarse full length album that has been perfected slowly since early 2010 in their remote cottage studio in Lapland, just under the arctic circle.

They have a facebook page


It goes like this:


od 20:00

za 150

v pražském Finalu

(Příběnická 8).

or alternately:


8:00 pm, 150kc

Final Club, Praha

Pribenicka 8

this show was produced by Klangundkrach and Letmo Productions


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