Good Morning, We Are The Developing Countries (upcoming activities, here and there)

It’s Spring!

I am going to Berlin, and though my plans keep changing, this show is for sure:

Wednesday, May 2

door 19:00, show 21:30

O Tannenbaum – Sonnenallee 27, Berlin Neukoelln

(I might play the, uh, music, represented by these things, below)

I have this great opportunity to do a duet with Tippi Tillvind ((*”tillvind is a collagist working with analog, and rarely digital means and mostly in her mind’s eye. 6’min of motile collages is a video that she is happy to contribute to the core of the coalman show on his berlin apperance..”)) at the beginning of the set, with one of her videos (I really like these).  Because of this  I may cut the middle piece (above), “Girls, let your hair down” though if anyone is a fan of that (I played it at Placard, and we played it with the band Tape Guts last year) I might play it at “The Silent Pool”, Daniel Vlcek’s opening in a couple of weeks.  I will most definitely play “Generous Grey, Wind Field”, which is (the first one up there and is) all that worked at that disaster of a show at Final Klub last Tuesday. Certainly I want to try the new version of the last one “Good Morning, Beautiful Mushroom/We are the Developing Countries”.  It will even involve singing I think.

this badly lit totem:

Core of the Coalman (with special audio/visual introduction by Core of the Coalman + T.Tillvind)


Indias Indios (Benjamin Altermat)

“Indias Indios is an archive that physically has the form of a tape
collections, selected found images, dirty drawings and world videos, is also a band sometimes.  Every live-set presents an unknown musical landscape drived by a very simple and minimal way of operated with analog machines”

When I return from Berlin, we will again leave to do a couple of weekend dates here in Czech Republic, in beautiful Moravia, with our band Rouilleux.  At Lubos’ insistence, I have finally learned how to spell the name of our band.  I don’t know how long I will remember.

Here are the details –

04. 05. 2012 – 20:00

Rouilleux + Romano Krzych + Dirty Picnic

Nový Jičín

05. 05. 2012 – 20:00

Rouilleux + Romano Krzych


Here is the Klangundkrach website

Here is a picture I like, from our very first show:

(& I was just asked to play at Daniel Vlcek’s new exhibition, The Silent Pool!)

9.května 18:00

v divadle Alfred v. dvoře

Oslava otevření

“Silent Pool”

Výstava nových obrazů

Daniel Vlček

(this is what that said but now in english)

May 9 18:00

at Theatre Alfred v Dvore

Celebrating the Opening of

“The Silent Pool”

an exhibition of new paintings by

Daniel Vlcek

music by Core of the Coalman

The very next day we have another Rouilleux concert, this time at Bunkr Parukarka with Pretty Old Sound, who are one of my favorite bands here in Czech Republic.  They have a facebook page.  Here is another website where you can hear some of their music.

Bunkr Parukarka is a pretty insane place, it is an old nuclear bunker, very dark and all that.  Definitely worth checking out if you have never been there, and of course, it should be a fun concert.  Its on the side of Parukarka hill, going towards Olsanke Namesti or Flora.

here is the door:

here we are, looking, weird.  I am looking into Lubos’ ear.  Where is Martin?  It’s strange that we are never all in the picture.

here is foneblech:

good morning

we are the developing countries

we push and pull our bodies

we do what we like

we are engaged

in a certain contact

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