The Sun Never Sets Here (Summer Concerts and Other Causerie)

I am in Scotland right now.  I was with Graeme Smith in way up in Orkney for the last week, walking around, drawing, and writing.  It was great to camp for a week.  It was amazing to finally get to see a place where the sun almost never sets.  Now I am back in Edinburgh.  I am pretty excited for the performances to start, but I am also enjoying what is going on in the moment, modifying my synth stuff and making music.

This is part of the Ring of Brogdar, a neolithic stone circle thought to have been built between 2000 and 2500 BC, totally great.

Here is another stone age house, this one was hidden on the coast, and not on the maps:

Below is a favorite of mine, slime mold.

there are similarities across everythings

The schedule of performances as it stands right now is below.  More could be added (get in touch if it looks like I am near your area, we can see what is possible).  Its not a tour, its just experience.  Lets do that.

Edinburgh, Scotland, August 31 at Banshee Labyrinth


The sound of tapes, voice, gizmos and Euan Currie (Muscletusk, Unverified Records).


The sounds of many things and Rhian Thompson (Hockeyfrilla, CK Dexter Haven) and Stuart Arnott (Smear Campaign, Total Vermin)



The sounds of guitar, tapes and Graeme Smith (Goodnight Press)

next, its a poetry reading of all things.  Visual Poetry, Sound Poetry, an exhibition of poems, drawings, graphical materials, and performances accompanied, punctuated and punctured by projections, projectiles, projecticons, insults, lambaseds , lambrusco, and lambswool:

Exhibition opens at 5pm
CAESURA #5 kicks off at 7pm
Edinburgh, Bond No 9, Commercial Street 84
7-10pm – entry by donation

starring myself and:

nick-e melville
nick-e melville is a visual and found poet with books and exhibitions to his name.

Greg Thomas
Greg Thomas is an Edinburgh-based poet. He has made some visual poems and some ones about body parts.

Graeme Smith
Rest-adverse local writer and racket maker with poems for eye and ear.

moore informations:

then I am going to Glasgow for a show Saturday the 10th…I don’t have much information yet, only that the inimitable Stuart Arnot is involved, so come help us make trouble

after that its:

arrggghhh, not a Blood Stereo/Core of the Coalman trio.  Gast. And what of this other stuff?  oh no.

Missing Twin presents:

Scotch exiled spousal therapy unit twiddle thumbs with US/Czech strings n circuits man. Featuring Dylan Nyoukis (Prick Decay/Decaer PInga/Chocolate Monk), Karen Constance (Smack Music 7; Polly Shan Kuan Band) and Jorge Boeringher (Caroliner etc).

Unknown quantity…please stay tuned

Ludd twins flank cassette donkey, with hilarious results…Featuring Ali Robertson (Giant Tank), Malcy Duff (the world’s best at drawing) and Euan Currie (Muscletusk, Unverified Records)

Come and see and hear at this place:
The Garage
Basement Flat
51A Northumberland Street
Edinburgh EH3 6JQ

Please note EARLY SHOW 7 pm – 9 pm




Then I go to Ireland.

More information may well be added here, when I know it, but I think there will be two or three shows there.

The first is in Carrick on Stanton, and this will be a house show.

Followed by Galway on the 14th which is turning out to be super great, there will be a concert in a disused underground parking structure.  You can hear what it sounds like in there in these videos: here andhere (featuring Brigid Power Ryce and Gavin Prior)

Gavin Prior will play this show as well:

Gavin Prior is known to some as a member of United Bible Studies. He currently plays in Toymonger and is working on the debut album of his newest band Sabre Series. His improvising career began with Murmansk formed after an improv workshop with Eddie Prevost of AMM. Since then he has improvised in Ireland and Europe with Sean Meehan, Daivd Lacey, Rhodri Davies, Mick O’Sea, Paul Flaherty Paul Vogel, Dennis McNulty, Paul Roe, Tuula Voutilainen and Francis Heery, among others. Using tabletop guitar/bass, feedback loops and his own circuit bent instruments he continues to span the spectrum from lower case improvising to full-on noise. He is a co-founder of the Deserted Village label –

also, if you would like to come please just get in touch and I will send you directions: here is the explanation from the organizer:

“This is happening under the radar so obviously won’t be publicly promoted but please feel free (and I actively encourage you) to invite anyone and everyone you think may be interested. BYOB if you like! In the incredibly unlikely event of rain the event will go ahead nonetheless – the place gets a bit puddly but it’s not a problem if you’ve got some semi-decent shoes on. It’s gonna be great, sure the reverb will be mighty!”

other acts are planned as well…. will try to update as I have info…

Concert in Cork, Ireland on Wednesday the 15th where Vicky Langan is doing a show at Plugd records. more info here and some very nice text by Vicky

(Then its Back to England, or maybe something else will happen first)

Leeds, Fox and Newt, Sunday august 19, with Ashtray Navigations, and Cm nG

I am very happy to be playing a show again this summer in Leeds.  I like so much what Kieron wrote about me that I have to include it here:

“Jorge uses his rig of viola, electronics and voice to create deep and engrossing electroacoustic patterns and psychedelics. He was last seen in Leeds last September, whipping up a foot-stomping storm with dizzying layers of rhythmic loops and searing viola pyrotechnics. “



Ashtray Navigations’ Phil Todd doesn’t make alternative music: he creates alternate universes. Via a dizzying array of bands, projects, alter egos, labels, fanzines, concert promotions, distributions, collaborations and ad hoc groups he has spent the last two decades extrapolating What If? histories using derided, unfashionable and forgotten elements gathered from the dustbins of rock’n’roll’s chequered history, reimagining how things might have been in less reverent – or career-driven – hands. As a key figure behind the UK’s DIY underground, he was forging links between like-minded fringe musicians and releasing a constant stream of bewilderingly consistent material long before the internet made such activities easy or commonplace.

Cm nG (Stoke)

New electronics, tapes and percussion duo of Andy Jarvis (First person label, Asymptotem, Sculptress, A Warm Palindrome) and Michael Walsh.

+ one more tbc.

£5 Entry

This will be the last show Kieron be promoting at the Fox and Newt,  and I am super happy to be able to be part of it.

Sheffield show added for 20th September…Its at the Red House with Lovely Honkey + Roman Nose and Omniplate Sarangi…more info when I have it!

After that is Manchester, 21 Sept, this is a semi-private show, because of the nature of the venue (Tubers HQ) if you are interested to come out, please just send me a message and I can get you directions.  The show should be great, it features one solo project from a member of Hunter Gracchus and David Birchall manipulating is acoustic guitar.

ROMAN NOSE (Sheffield)
solo gracchus project, free reeds and attempts at glottal euphoria

acoustic guitar workout

and then, wow, Brighton, one of my favorite places on earth.  I will be there for a few days with Ian Murphy and hopefully we will record somethings and walk around the coast, cook some good food, and maybe go visit Rowan in the woods!

This show is going to be great.  According to the info (below) I am being augmented.  I look forward to that experience.


on a rare visit to UK…….


augmented by Brightons finest




8PM – 12AM

Then its off to Holland and Belgium for a handful of things:

first will be a show in Brussels

 31st of august @ Karel ball

Gael Moissonnier will be playing that night, hopefully the modular synth stuff like he did in Prague a couple of months ago!

I will add flyers and pictures and information as I have them, the rest of the

after that I will again visit Maastricht, Holland where there will be a concert on the 2nd September at B32

and then,  a festival in Liege being curated by the very dangerous Philippe Cavaleri of the seminal Bruitale Orgasmne.

  • Fort de Grâce Hollogne / 10 rue de l’Aéroport 4460 Grâce Hollogne
  • Evénement collectif multimedia muzik XPérimentale/ vidéo/ photo/ installation/ peinture/ digital/ drone/ bijou/ graphic/ performance/ live act/ electronic/ interactif/ gravure/ danse/ stopmotion/ poésie/ lumière/ cinéma…

As a last show, I have been invited to play this (above) release party for Rinus Van Alebeek, on Yannick Frank’s idiosyncratic record label.  This will be this suday, the 9th at this new gallery dedicated to sound art: HS63, located at Houblon 63 in Brussels, 8pm

I am super happy to have the opportunity to play in Brussels again so soon as I had a great time there last week!

(look, the west coast of the Orkney mainland looks like northern california)

Then I am back to Czech R, to take this years new students to Slavonice for the start of the year trip (its too weird to say a “start of the year retreat”, you can’t retreat before you start!)  If anyone sees someplace in this mess that they would like me to come visit and maybe play a show or something, let me know, I am pretty flexible!

it happened, after all


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