Keep Off the Groynes/Throw Nothing Into the Sea:Recordings/Photos/Fossils/Reviews/Ruminations from this Summer’s Misadventures

Blogger won't let me do what I please check my newer site hereI had been reposting content from there over to this site anyway, but I think I might just have to permanently mothball this blog, and use the site over there:https://multiplesystemsofevents.wordpress.com


Keep Off The Groynes/Throw Nothing Into The Sea: Fossils, Photos, Record Reviews, and Ruminations From this Summer’s Misadventures

(keep off the groynes in Brighton, England) Having completed a really long tour this summer, having done my best to contribute to the cultural downfall of the places I visited and western culture in general, and having sampled the delicious fast food of many nations and peoples, it is now time to write about various... Continue Reading →

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