Marko Karlovcec/Ana Kravanja&John Ingle v Praze + Core of the Coalman & the Hunters Moon Festival this weekend!!!

Marko Karlovcec and Ana Kravanja Duet

John Ingle, Solo Saxophone and Voice

Sunday 28 October/ Nedelle 28 Rijen

Pribenicka 8, Prague 3 Zizkov

100 kc



This concert will be an evening of exploratory improvisation and composition featuring a duet from Slovenia and a solo performer from the United States of San Francisco.  The artists description of their own work is presented here.  My own description can only include the fact that the saxophonists performing in this concert (Marko and John) are two of my absolute favorite saxophonists and musicians in the world.  Marko follows a very honest and deep approach to musical exploration.  His playing has an integrity that can be felt in the tone.  It can be sweet and brutal, even at the same time. Drawing on his wide range of experiences- from his work with underground spaces in his native Koper (and also with Menza Pri Koritu in Ljubljana’s Metelkova zone autonome)  to an evident self-reflective understanding and synthesis of the history of improvisation and sonic experimentation in the international music scene- to advance our collective creative discussion with his own artistic voice.  , Marko is collaborating with Ana Kravanja, a Slovenian violinist.  Ana Kravanja is a musician I do not know personally and have never heard performing live.  What I have heard (here) is a completely immersive exploration of timbre and touch.  She seems to address the instrument through touch, rather than through some intellectual approach, or with some kind cultural hysteria for past or present tropes.  There is no insecurity here, there is pure presence and identity.

John Ingle is one of the greatest living saxophonists.  He combines techniques invented, (like his extreme exploration of upper partials on his sax), with techniques adapted ( like throat singing).  John is an artist to whom “practice makes practice.”  This process becomes physical in concerts like the one he will play here in prague sunday, and honestly it must be experienced to be believed, so get thee towards that, yeah?

Also this weekend, but in Carrick on Shannon, in County Lietrim, Ireland, I will be performing several concerts and working on some installations and workshops as part of the Hunters Moon Festival

The complete schedule for the festival can be found on their website.  I will participate in many things while I am there.  I will perform a solo Core of the Coalman set in St George’s Church in Carrick On Shannon 0n Saturday.  It will be at least partly improvisation as I do not yet know that s-pace and I am eager to explore that, perhaps with their organ if they let me use it!  I will also be performing several new clouds and lattice networks, and a little bit of that, a steady state version, can be heard down below.  Following my set I will play in a large ensemble collaboration with many of the musicians from the festival, also inside this church, below.  I am looking forward to this, it should be intense and vibratory.

 Following my set I will play in a large ensemble collaboration with many of the musicians from the festival.  On Sunday I will sit in with Woven Skull, whose awesomeness is in fact making this entire festival possible) and also on Sunday we will collectively improvise a score to as new film by Ludo Mich, whom I had the pleasure of hanging around with last winter in Brighton at Colour Out of Space.   Ludo makes joyfully terrifying sexy surprises which leave one thinking about them long after one is done looking at them.  Should be great.  Maybe terrifying, but great.

Both those events take place at The Dock Arts Center, which is a pretty amazing space and cultural resource, as it seems all of Carrick on Shannon is.

In order to prepare for all this and get some new ideas moving in general, Prague-based artist Jakub Grosz and I have been spending some weekends working at his amazing house in Vsenory, about 25 km south of prague.  We are able to convert the house quickly into a studio and it serves well in terms of getting things done and finding new inspiration for both concepts and process.  One can even enjoy sports there.

A couple of weekends ago I set up an impromptu recording studio in his basement.  Some of what came out of that might give a hint at what you might be able to expect from what I intend to present in Carrick on Shannon this weekend.  Enjoy!

Systems and structures are identified, found, and created.  Sometimes its spooky and we can’t really say which of these we are doing.   We then use other systems to transform, model, and interact with these systems.  This activity creates other layers of systems, with their own structures, emergent or imposed.  The door is open.

Below are two videos by Jakub Grosz representing first steps into a particular possibility for interactionand an old german record there with pictures of girls on it.

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