Language as Landscape: Various New or Recent Releases from the Jorge Boehringer/Core of the Coalman set

12 Lines:

to say that something is this and/or not that, while sleeping

Sheepscar Light Industrial from Leeds, UK, has been quite busy recently organizing concerts and releasing recordings in  what seems to be a nonstop wave of mu

3 new releases they have on offer, including one by me, as well as a few items from their back catalog

details from the label:

SLI.010 – BBBlood – N 51°33′ 0” / W 0°7′ 0”
Following on from a cracking performance on a visit to Leeds back in September (download that set here: ), Paul “BBBlood” Watson has crafted a delicious duo as offering for your listening pleasure. These two tracks chug and thrash their way along, with augmented field recordings combining with electronic manipulations to produce something that is as intense as it is hypnotic.
SLI.011 – Core of the Coalman – 12 Lines
Another visitor to Leeds this year was Jorge “Core of the Coalman” Boehringer, who played a great set in the Foxy Newt. With 12 Lines, Jorge serves up twenty minutes of drone, based around his treated viola, with electronic accompaniment. Managing to be both lush and intense, the sound and composition subtly modulate and morph as you move through piece in a very satisfying fashion.
SLI.012 – Ap Martlet – Pyrite
Ap Martlet is the solo recording outlet of the Dave half of Hagman. Having spent his time away from Hagman producing deep analogue excursions into the territory that sits between drone and experimental electronica, it would have been foolish of me not to snap up something of his for SLI. Pyrite is a debut (physical) release for Dave and is stunning recording; a beautiful passage of fizzing and shimmer rises and falls, underscored with a deep throbbing to cap things of nicely.

I am told these recordings may actually have all sold out by the time I manage to post this, so that is interesting.

incidentally, the bastard cousin of 12 lines, that is, 10 lines, will be released soon on Idiosyncratics Records in the larger Brussels, Gent, Liege continuum.  More details on that later.

 set theory as a model of the basis of metaphor-building by which it is possible to function consciously within the world

“No one shall expel us from the Paradise that Cantor has created.”David Hilbert, of Hilbert Space(s)

Stuart Arnot and Susan Fitzpatrik have released a cassette tape of my music on their recording label called Total Vermin. The tape is called Stain.  I like this one very much.  I am not sure it is for everybody, but if it is for you, you will probably realize that pretty quickly.  I would like it to be for you.  In that way we could make a case for a shared parsing of reality.  shared set theory = true love.

every one of these covers came out differently (thanks, Sue) and from what I understand, they are partially inspired by the Book of Kells

Continuing to speak of true love, and groupings, I have to say that the entire batch of cassettes they have released, such as The True Meaning of Red, by the Fordell Research Unit here represent the intersection of those ideas.  and where, really, could the beauty and potential for all of us as human beings be better expressed than in The Presidential Cow is Bound to the Maypole, by Acrid Lactations, or in the generosity and sharing so ubiquitous across the landscape that is Lovely Honkey, as he Sets Sail for the Moral Highground?

Even the discerning, critical ears which have been focused towards these manifestations delight in what they here apprehend.

should you remain curious please stay tuned (though not tempered) for more upcoming releases by Jorge Boehringer/Core of the Coalman including a disk of Viola Solos that should come out on the Karl Schmidt Verlag, Hanover and a disk of String Quartets and Tape Guts to be eventually revealed by Chocolate Monk

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