Presuppositionless Invitation to Organized Experiences (Upcoming Concerts by Myself and Other People)

Welcome, in the coming months you will have several opportunities to join us for presuppositionless lived experience, here is the partial list of what is confirmed or believed to be happening in the near future, but first, while retaining flexibility of interface, I offer you the following soundtrack, a small digital release from Idiosyncratics records that I made recently, the cousin of Sheepscar Light Industrial (Leeds) disk 12 Lines I posted about a couple of months back:

(more information about this track hidden at the bottom of this missive)

So first thing is that Yannick Franck and I are playing a few concerts around Czech Republic

First is in Brno Wednesday, March 13, 2013

and is at Klub Boro Krenova 75

with Soumonces and Nina Pixel!

(soundscapes / noise…/ Idiosyncratics/Belgium)

· Musician, performer and founder of Idiosyncratics label, Yannick Franck comes from Liege and lives in Gent. He has developed an increasingly personal style that combines sharp acoustic research and abrasive walls of sound. Often described as trance-inducing, his music is based on the treatment of sources such as instruments and non-musical objects, voice, radio signals and field recordings. It ranges from fundamental acoustic explorations (The Staircase Continuum) to more stylistic-expressionistic searches (Memorabilia); two fields of investigation that tend to collide in his latest works such as Hierophany (Monochrome Vision) and The Utmost Night (Taâlem rec). In addition to his recordings and performances, Yannick Franck creates site-specific sound installations, and composes for theatre and video as well.
(electroacoustic / experimental…/ US/Prague)

· Jorge Boehringer is an electro-acoustic musician, composer, sound designer, and installation artist from the United States, currently residing in Prague. Initiative of obsessive vision: geological and musical time frames became supercooled and thus glacially motivated. Slow in form but powered and etched by sunshine continually… Performances normally include conventional instruments such as viola and harmonica, as well as feedback-driven yodel triggers,descending tympanic pressures implying sexual interface, and extended upwardly-mobile Carnasitic arrays, with ornaments. Core of the Coalman has been featured on all kinds of concert programs from power electronics and noise performances to small gallery events and on major art festival performances such as Impakt Festival and Colour Out of Space.
(noisefolk impro…/ MNÓAD /Belgium)
· Improvisation band, spatially splitted for inconstant geometry, contemplative live noise, slippery fields… They don’t know what they do, but they know somehow. Electrical conglomerate, acoustic tweaks and behringer shamaneries. Unfoldable layers, pagan mass from the depths. Updated their disharmonics in many places of Belgistan : hangars, gardens, attics, deep in the woods festival, Charleroi, Mons, Antwerpen… and have surprisingly performed at Concours Circuit’s final, Brussels,2012. “Soumonces” is basically a given name for pre-carnaval folklore in Hainaut, and mean “warnings” in Wallifornian slang. In order to chase the winter, clogs hit the pavement among rolling drums and marching bells.
(tech after mix…/ Brno)

· Member of Hertz collective, Nina Pixel dispatches beats and black houses around the bpm clock, bumping the sklep ; not to mention that you won’t leave too soon.

facebook teeth and claws:

presented by : △ PERKūNowA hqppenin
Schade for a cost of 100Kč


15 March, tady v Praze

venue: Pecena Brambora

Jaromirova 17, Praha 4

20:00, 80 kc (W0w!)

Yannick Franck

(from Belgium, Idiosyncratics Records, and the reason for all this action)

Core of the Coalman

(humorous intersection of gravity with idea)

Patrik Pelykan/Romano Krzych duo

(unbeknownst to the snowmen, george kuchar is making a film about them)

Laura Luna Castillo

(premier of new phases, under blanket of dream)

and finally, a concert in Ceske Budejovice

Ceske Budejovice: 16 March, at House of Art

House of Art Facebook page

Yannick Franck


Core of the Coalman

It is also worth drawing attention to the amazing series of shows happening in Cesky Budejovice thanks to the efforts of the Ostinato festival (of which our show is part)

As an ostinato implies a regular pulse, so it seems these organizers are pulsing warm blood into the veins that form the fabric of experience down in the Southern Bohemian region.   For me, life thrives on surprise.  It looks like the Ostinato organizors have a similar philosophy.  Looking forward to this, totally.

Next concert is brought to you by a collective of organizers here in Prague – for this one we combined forces with A2 cultural magazine , KlangundKrach, and my zombified attempt to promote concerts, now visible beneath the floorboards and momentarily named Half Black Parachute Homeland Choir and Vacancy, without website.  However, the details of this show are astounding, mindblowing, and here they are:

28. 3. 2013 19:00 @ Café V lese, Krymská 12, Praha 10
Abraxas Apparatus (DE),

Java Delle & Legion of Swine (DE/UK),

Blue Yodel (UK),

Roman Nose (UK),

Ros Parfitt (UK),

Arma (LT)

here is some information about the artists performing in this marathon of joy.  I will update with further information when I get it:

Arma (b. 1982) – is the artist and curator from Vilnius, Lithuania, working in a field of weird / experimental music since 1998. He runs cassette label Agharta, organizes festivals and small events and is one of the most active persons in Lithuanian scene.
Since 2007 he has been performing under different names, released a few cassette tapes, toured Russia, Germany, Poland and Baltic states, participated in a few festivals and collaborated with local and foreign artists in the field of experimental electro acoustic and free jazz music.
His live performances involve body action combined with voice and lo-fi electronica Absurd, outsider, esoteric, new new age, drone, performance art are the key words that lead to the world that Arma represent.


Extreme body soundings and sound poetry by Fiona Kennedy that confuse electric and organic sources and are as convulsive as anything from the lips of Aaron Dilloway, Dylan Nyoukis or 60s Yoko Ono.

‘the solo guise of J Marshall of Hunter Gracchus and Singing Knives Records. Using vocals and various free-reed instruments he assembles a bunch of inspired ethno-miniatures that take in the cosmological drones of Herman Nitsch, the glottal euphoria of Ghedalia Tazartes and the kind of dense improvisatory ethno-flux of the Gracchus proper’ — Volcanic Tongue

Ross Parfitt is interested in simple physical processes and their potential for complex musical outcomes.
He has previously hung drums from the roof, tipped a kit off the stage and played a cymbal until he cried.
He was a member of Hood and Vibracathedral Orchestra.

by the way, have you seen the studio film from Glenn Gould’s 1981 recording of the Bach Goldberg Variations?  There is little more amazing than this.

(((its here on youtube)))

then, its:


Final Klub, Pribeniska 8, Praha 3, Zizkov


William Nurdin

probably Core of the Coalman again, because, you see, if I dont play solo live every month onstage, it means I get scared when it is time to do that, and thats just no damn good


NURDIN William / NW / WN
Sound Sculptor / Body Activist / Video Builder

Radio Show :

Micro Label / Discography :

Sound, Body & Field Recordings :

Harsh Noise Wall Action :

Lonesome Human Orchestra :

(Organized by the Half Black Parachute Choral Union)

and so far that is just about it for concerts

except that PIO, the Prazekho Improvizacniho Orchestr will make a concert in DIVUS  in April, on the 14th (at, I believe 8pm)

this concert features TWO special guests:

Susanna Gartmayer, from Vienna, on Bass Clarinet, and

pioneer of live electronic music and network music Tim Perkis !!!

please join us..Tim can be seen in the photo below teaching people how to build electronic “third eye”s out of a clothspin:

One Last Item:

The Long Estranged Brother of the Black Parachute Underwater Family is attempting to book a show for Ian Murphy- that is, the Hobo Sonn, and  Aqua Dentata, here in Prague for May the 29th or 31st… if you can help or know of a venue we should try, please do not hesitate to get in touch!  Those of you who have seen Ian here in Prague or heard his recordings know how great this will be, and Aqua Dentata is no slouch either (listen above), so thats that.

(information about the track on the top of this page:

10 Lines was recorded in a cold and damp basement in the hills above the village of Vsenory, south of Prague. I was there to develop works and run experiments with multi-media artist and interactivity designer Jakub Grosz. An impromptu recording studio was set up in the basement of the house. Over time, the equipment began to respond in unpredictable ways, often suggesting its own course or becoming so sensitive and responsive that the sound seemed to float, with the slightest change in local states causing waves of change in the sound spreading out from the source in time, in the manner of echoes, or as if from a pebble dropped into a calm pond. The impulse for the change could be the difference between whether or not I was so much a touching the mixer, a slight change in intonation as far as a held viola note were concerned, or whether a microphone was on or off. This sensitivity was not simply caused by the multitudes of overlapping feedback loops, and interactive “listeners” in my computer synthesis system, as these are always present. I am not sure what caused the system to “float” in that space and allowed me to step back and let the music condense the way it did, with occasional changes of direction caused by the slightest movement or electro-acoustic fluctuation. I like to think it was the humid air in the cellar, perhaps changes in temperature, or unseen collaborators whose essences still lingered in the basement of the old brick and wood house.)

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