Yannick Franck / Core of the Coalman / Immer Samsa Usi 3000 / Laura Luna Castillo 15.Brezna v Praze

Yannick Franck / Core of the Coalman / Immer Samsa Usi 3000 / Laura Luna Castillo

Friday, 15 March, Prague/ Patek 15.Brezna
venue: Pecena Brambora
Jaromirova 17, Praha 4

20:00, 80 kc!!!!!!!


facebook event with directions above…be not afraid, it is quite close to Vyton and Lazarska!!!

nebojte se, to je blizko Vyton a Lazarska a novy zazitek je dulezity



(soundscapes / noise…/ Idiosyncratics/Belgium)


· Musician, performer and founder of Idiosyncratics label, Yannick Franck comes from Liege and lives in Gent. He has developed an increasingly personal style that combines sharp acoustic research and abrasive walls of sound. Often described as trance-inducing, his music is based on the treatment of sources such as instruments and non-musical objects, voice, radio signals and field recordings. It ranges from fundamental acoustic explorations (The Staircase Continuum) to more stylistic-expressionistic searches (Memorabilia); two fields of investigation that tend to collide in his latest works such as Hierophany (Monochrome Vision) and The Utmost Night (Taâlem rec). In addition to his recordings and performances, Yannick Franck creates site-specific sound installations, and composes for theatre and video as well.
(electroacoustic / experimental…/ US/Prague)


 (Initiative of obsessive vision geological and musical time frames became supercooled and thus glacially motivated. Slow in form but powered and etched by environmental factors continually)


Immer Samsa Usi 3000 (CZ/FR)

Patrik Pelykan vs Romano Krzych as a duo or a duel

(unbeknownst to the snowmen)


Laura Luna Castillo (mexico)

(premier of new phases, under blanket of dream)


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