William Nurdin(Fr) + Core of the Coalman Ut/Tues 9/4/13, Final Club, Praha!

The Black Parachute Rapid Action Contingency Alarm Presents William Nurdin (Fr)  NW / WN sound sculptor/ body activist/ video builder/ radio terrorist/ harsh noise wall actor/ microlabel advocate/ bodyfield recordist and Core of the Coalman continuous sounds and noises, with silences http://coreofthecoalman.bandcamp.com/ UTERY/TUESDAY 09.04/20:00, 100kc Final Klub Pribenicka 8/997 Praha 3- Zizkov please note early show 20:00!... Continue Reading →

The Suspicious String Quartet Plays Tape Guts at the Core of the Coalman and Other Stains and Slant Steps

My new record of string quartets is out on Chocolate Monk Recordings (United Kingdom)! it looks like that and sounds, sometimes, like this I should have copies very soon unless the post decides to imprison them in customs (again).  I will, when I get them post some more audio links, and all will be available for... Continue Reading →

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