William Nurdin(Fr) + Core of the Coalman Ut/Tues 9/4/13, Final Club, Praha!


The Black Parachute Rapid Action Contingency Alarm Presents

William Nurdin (Fr)

 NW / WN

sound sculptor/ body activist/ video builder/

radio terrorist/ harsh noise wall actor/

microlabel advocate/ bodyfield recordist


Core of the Coalman

continuous sounds and noises, with silences



09.04/20:00, 100kc

Final Klub

Pribenicka 8/997

Praha 3- Zizkov

please note early show 20:00!

facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/649587151737616/

core of the coalman facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Core-of-the-Coalman/44330470886?fref=ts

more William Nurdin work and information:

Radio Show : http://apdm.tk

Micro Label / Discography : http://rohsprod.tk

Sound, Body : http://nwwn.tk

Field Recording : http://williamnurdin.tk

Harsh Noise Wall Action : http://clougnioule.blogspot.com

Lonesome Human Orchestra : http://xulfni.com


and all this was quite new when I posted it last week, so here it is again, because I am pretty happy about it:

My new record of string quartets is out on Chocolate Monk Recordings (United Kingdom)!


it looks like that and sounds, sometimes, like this

I should have copies very soon unless the post decides to imprison them in customs (again).  I will, when I get them post some more audio links, and all will be available for purchase in my bandcamp catalog.  However, you could also just order it from the Chocolate Monk catalog directly, and perhaps pick up some other golden delights there while your is at it.

Also, I have copies of a release I announced last summer, on Total Vermin, which is one of my favorite Recording Companies.    I am pasting in below what Stuart and some other folks wrote about it because I thought they said some things better than my mumbling.  Susan Fitzpatrik made separate covers for each tape, and they vary in and around this sort of appearence:

Total Vermin #65:  Core of the Coalman, “Stain” C59

“Jorge Boehringer,  American in Europe, has carved this monolith of a cassette, this conundrum, from materials unknown.  A loop, possibly wrought from his viola, morphs imperceptibly.  A mere nodding of one’s head induces psycho-acoustic paranoia, the resultant catatonic sway exacerbates the feeling… play loud enough for an end to balance and hand-eye coordination.  The black spots increase in size and we capsize.

Extra-special covers on this one, individually marbled by Susan Fitzpatrick.  See more of her art here.

Rob Midwich has written a review of this, and some other releases on his excellent blog, which can be found here.

“Jorge keeps it simple: a full hour (in two halves) of slowly evolving variations on a fuzzed-up viola loop.  What at first seems like a Tony Conrad-ish endurance test took a few minutes to pop my bubble of mental resistance (soap-film thin at the best of times) then mind freed, my arse did follow.  I was soon dancing naked on the driveway of Midwich Mansions.  This tape is hard, lovely.””

Total Vermin must by now have released 400 records, the catalog is incredible and is also visually very pleasing.  I am looking forward to writing about some of the other releases being produced by both Total Vermin and Chocolate Monk in some future installment.

but for now why not send something for this, below?

you can hear a little bit of it

Open Call

Slant Step is now accepting submissions of works of procedural, perceptual, process, and phenomenological orientations, among other things.

This includes, but is not limited to:

stand-alone web or digital experiences, sound/musical/action/movement/performance scores or instructions (with or without examples of their realization), experimental linguistic and/or communication systems (with or without examples of their realization), the ubiquitous ”specific object”(which must, however, be digital) ,text, text/sound, sound/text/sound, text/sound/text. interactive works, works to be completed by the viewer or audience, photo/video/sound works, and so forth…

important details:

deadline: never

promises made: none

potential: infinite

location: ephemeral, shifting, and  by turns secret

Functioning in between a periodical and a gallery, Slant Step is a new web-based venue for the diffusion of primary information and the presentation of artwork from the perspective of creative research. Slant Step seeks to provide a means for others to explore regions of movement between materiality and immateriality, and between perception, cognition, action, and environment.

For more information (although there really is none at all to offer) or to submit works :

Please note: All work should be provided as digital information and should be accompanied by title of work (s), artist(s) name(s), email address(s), and website (s). As we are interested in primary information, there will not be space for explanatory texts unless they are included in the works themselves. You will retain all rights to your work, but unfortunately we cannot pay anyone for their submissions. Continuous (r)evolution is a thankless business, but necessary.


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