Core of the Coalman and Orphan Fairytale at Baba Vanga V and other dust

 I got back from Ireland a few weeks ago.  Tour with Daniel Higgs and Woven Skull was a life-changing experience.  Since I have been back it has been a whirlwind.  I played a couple of other shows, but I hadn’t any time to post anything about those.  I would rather post photos of these black metal trees, and think about the people I visited them with, and the sounds we made there:

Anyway, back to the present, this Friday, at Gallerie SPZ , which is a very nice new small garage space-gallery in Prague, with quite magical resonance, I will be performing in a concert that also includes Orphan Fairytale ((Blackest Rainbow, Ultra Eczema, Not Not Fun, BE)) and possibly some other acts.  We hope to increase the already magic resonance of that small streetside space, so please come join us.  The bar situation is incredibly interesting (you can drink whatever you want for a one time payment of 50 kc! how often does that happen?!) and on top of that the show itself is completely free! I think. So, come visit.  The whole event is to accompany the art exhibtion Klíčový materiál pro novou generaci / Critical Material for a New Generation Full details below.  Short details here:

Gallery SPZ

Pštrossova 8

Friday 7, 2013


So come early

(and use this link to the facebook event, if you want to invite some secret international espionage agencies)

Behold, a blog of text in which all information is enumerated:

In collaboration with Galerie SPZ/MeetFactory

Klíčový materiál pro novou generaci / Critical Material for a New Generation

Taf Hassam (UK/NL), Kirby Mages (US)

Kurátorka / Cuator: Karina Kottová (CZ)


Another Baba Vanga event, this time with quirky Belgian sonic sorcerer Orphan Fairytale & Core of the Coalman

ORPHAN FAIRYTALE (Blackest Rainbow, Ultra Eczema, Not Not Fun, BE)

Orphan Fairytale is floating like Alice in Wonderland on a origami flyer into the realm of the unconscious. The degree of dissociated dreaminess is arranged through her playful, melancholy sound structures and the diffuse mystical aesthetics of her synthetic soundscapes. How atmospheres of clownesque scenarios are able to morph into tableaux of horror and some afternoon cartoons are unsettling in their weirdness, the sound miniatures of Orphan Fairytale are creating schizoid flickering chambers. This is definitely surreal with no concrete way of perception pretended. Orphan’s melodies are picked from the collective memory and the potpourri of our childhood. Her sounds are deriving below the surface and proliferating in an rhizomatic-associative fog. (Iko Kiko)


Core of the Coalman, the solo project of sound artist Jorge Boehringer, consists of continuity and discontinuity for viola, voice and circuits on theborder between order and chaos. Sonically diverse and at times explosive in texture, Core of the Coalman emphasizes the physicality of sound in its synesthetic relationships between ear, mind, and environment. Think of Tony Conrad meets Melvins meets an airport on another planet meets skandanavia meets prehistoric underwater life meets Scelsi and it is still all wrong.

also here is a recording of an orchestra piece I made in 2003:

score for Tzero Another One Over_Page_13

(((open, and outwards, hello)))

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