Pojetí Vztahu Propojených Fenoménů (Šamana Ztrata/Missing Shaman Festival, atd)

I will doubtless be abused for the title of this, which I am sure makes less sense in Czech language than I think it does.  The fact is that I received a coded message from the center of the universe.

The picture above is a vocabulary list I was studying.  If you read vertically downwards the message starts to become clear:

“pojeti vztahu propojit fenomenem vyrazu relizaci ruznych rozdilnych vztahovych intencich predchazel jednotlivych barevnych plochy vyustily podobe abstrahovanych znaku. soustredi duraz procesualnost.”

clearly, its a code.  it needs prepositions, some small grammatical editing, and punctuation, but so did the Rosetta stone.  One version:

“understanding of the relationship of interconnected phenomenon and expressions, of realizing various different relational intentions preceded each color area, and has resulted in form of abstracted character. Concentrate emphasis on processuality.”

its not perfect, I realize, but consider for a moment WWJD? (“What Would Jung Derive?”) from this? ?

“Harry, my dream is a code waiting to be broken.  Break the code, solve the crime.” Agent Cooper

Well, so it has been summer, but lately cold.  I had to cancel my plans to go back to lovely Ireland for concerts because I thought I might be moving to England immediately to start a Ph.D program at Huddersfield.  This has now been thankfully delayed for one year (help with finding funding, anyone?  I need to start researching this and in fact have no idea where to start!).  However, I had already largely cancelled my summer, so I have instead spent most of the summer in the lovely Czech forests ), and in the water, as much as possible (though its cold now, like I said).  I also have been working a lot, but not really finding much in the way of conclusive result.  Questions leading to questions.  It can be enjoyable, but what to present at the damn concert?  Well, there are a few concerts coming up (details below) so please come and see:

This weekend I will play at the Samana Ztrata (Missing Shaman) festival, a mini festival located is here (link to map). near Jicin.

Also playing are:

 ۞ Nina Heute
۞ Tachycardia Theater
۞ Bohuslav Šup
۞ Hynek Mácha
۞ Lunar Lander
۞ Michal Mariánek
۞ Lightning Glove
۞ Core of the Coalman (me)
۞ Marie^2046
۞ Traktor

The venue is a small tea hut.  Cajovy Altan Plujici Oblaka.  Flying Clouds.  But small ones. It is very small.  I am not sure but perhaps reservations are necessary.  I believe I read something about that here on the facebook event page.  It looks like you can make a reservation here, directly, from the Cajovy Altan website.

After that I got to Berlin for a radio show and a “normal” concert…might well be the last “normal” concert I ever play (cryptic laughter aside, I am increasingly fed up with the immobility of these stages and their sound systems and soon hope to construct a little something to use live, to make the space float a bit, we shall see what happens)

This Berlin one happens like this (no poster yet I guess)

Core of the Coalman, Jenny Graf (from Metalux) and…

I think two duos…but I have no other information


September 6

Laskerstrasse 5 in Berlin Ostkreuz.

SBahn Ostkreuz.

Doors 9pm.

concerts start 22:00

entrance 5-7euros sliding scale.

here is some info about Jenny, and about Core of the Coalman:

Jenny Graf plays with Metalux (with MV Carbon), creates amazing films, sound and communal art projects, and appears on Resipiscent’s “Mutual Hallucinations” release.  She’s based in Baltimore.
Core of the Coalman, the solo project of sound artist Jorge Boehringer, consists of continuity and discontinuity for viola, voice and circuits on the border between order and chaos. Sonically diverse and at times explosive in texture, Core of the Coalman emphasizes the physicality of sound in its synesthetic relationships between ear, mind, and environment. Think of Tony Conrad meets Melvins meets an airport on another planet meets skandanavia meets prehistoric underwater life meets Scelsi and it is still all wrong.


We will also be doing a radio show Sept 5, and I hope to update the info here, so you can tune in, turn on, etc…

and thats that.

Jenny Graf will also perform in Prague Sept 8 with the amazing i’d m thfft able

at Cafe V Lese:

Sunday, September 8th at Cafe V lese: http://cafevlese.cz
Address: Krymska 12, Praha 10

price: not expensive!

I also made some drawings (or are they maps?)

That one has problems, actually, but it also has the odd property that when I look at it I cannot focus my eye (interactivity?) and apparently my cheap phone camera has the same issue.

It reminds me as well as this “5 notes in continuous rotation” (or whatever its called) from this link below:


I am soon to have a new Core of the Coalman record (Plastová Okna a Dveře/Plastic Windows and Doors) released here in Czech, on the label KlangundKrach, and there will be a Prague concert and an opening party, but when?  I do not yet know.  In fact, I cannot even decide what tracks should actually be on the record.  I need a map, and a compass.  Or maybe not, maybe its better without (questions lead to questions).  What if the map doesn’t include everything?

(and here is Victory Kites, one from a couple of years back)

I have been making a lot of very long music, and would like to put some of it onto another soundcloud site, or something, or actually get some of it released (but how? its is very long – any special ideas anyone? drop me a mail, we can discuss)

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