Prague Biennale Closing Party Sunday: This Will There Be Playing

The time has come to harvest the growth of passing summer.  Paul Verlaine writes in Chanson D’Automne:

Les sanglots longs The long sobs
Des violons Of the violins
De l’automne Of Autumn
Blessent mon cœur Wound my heart
D’une langueur With a monotonous
Monotone. Languor.

I imagine this poem as a kind of loop, an asymmetrical one, with spaces before and after the individual lines being added and subtracted with each iteration.

Fall, to “fall from a height”.  Rather than sleep, it suggests extreme sports.  Colorful vigor as nights turn cooler.

Trees begin to starve themselves, a hunger strike ending in sleep but which, in the meantime, will soon bring us the changing colours so celebrated along with the end of the summer harvest.  Wikipedia, as always, offers some particular etymological insight:

“The alternative word fall for the season traces its origins to old Germanic languages. The exact derivation is unclear, with the Old English fiæll or feallan and the Old Norse fall all being possible candidates. However, these words all have the meaning “to fall from a height” and are clearly derived either from a common root or from each other. The term came to denote the season in 16th century England, a contraction of Middle English expressions like “fall of the leaf” and “fall of the year”.[11]

Meanwhile, join us here for the closing of the Prague Biennale:

Here is the information, what is happening, I think.  This is the best information I have, I do not know the order of sets, nor when I specifically play, it should be a fun event and there is also the exhibition (right?) so if you are bored by our sounds, the colourful bar and fanciful conversation of the sophisticated prague art scene and its habitues, you can check out the the amazing architecture of the nakladovove nadrazi zizkov, and the exhibition:

Closing ceremony


Sunday 15.9.2013

Nákladové nádraží  Žižkov, Želivského 2, Prague 3.

We cordially invite you to a guided tour through the exhibition with curators  Zuzana Blochova, Nicola Trezzi and Pavel Vančát beginning at 4pm.

Coffer Resonance / sound performance night curated by Elis Unique

15.9. from 5:30 to 10:00 pm / free entry



Anja Kaufmann (CH) aka Akita.y  feat. Tommy Leveccia (US)

Jazz and scape electronica come together for minimalistic, electro-acoustic, mantra music. Trumpet improvisations by Tom Levecchia and abstract noise patterns by Akita.y.

Darrell Jónsson  (US/CA) aka Urban Space Epics feat.  Bethany Lacktorin (US) (aka Beseppy)

Gamelan-like sounds generated from electrified Kalimba’s are often employed, as well as a Moog analogue synthesizer and Hawaiian guitar. Combined with this music-concrete passages are mixed live from field recordings, tape-loops and poetry chanted in various world languages. Based in Prague since 1999, variations of the Epics can be heard occasionally in conjunction with projects by Extraterrestrials, BBNU, Pronefoal and other forward-looking artists.

Beseppy, an American performer/ sound artist, relates ideas to media via electronic devices, violin, vocalisations, collaborative storytelling and interactive sound sources for installations, exhibitions, dance, film, animation and theatre productions. She has earned credit on several independent films and documentaries, recorded and released a few albums, and produced and performed in exhibitions and productions throughout the United States and Europe.

Jorge Boehringer (US) aka Core of the Coalman

Jorge is a composer of electronic and acoustic music and multimedia/interactive-media situations. This solo project consists of multiple systems of events unfolding at their own rates (for viola, voice and circuits) on the border between order and chaos.

Carl Warwick aka Pronefoal (UK)

Carl Warwick is both a visual artist and multi-instrumental musician. After studying fine art painting in the UK, he relocated to Prague in 1999, where he continues to draw, paint and designs t-shirts. Primarily a percussionist, he collaborates with Jazz, Blues, Electro, Hip Hop, Country and Post Hardcore groups. His solo project ‘Pronefoal’ (dark experimental ambient) uses his own field recordings, found sounds, drums, xylophones, found percussion, and a wealth of electronic devices and analogue synthesizers.

Gabriela Vašková (CZ)

Musician, composer, performance artist, poet, actress and freelance artist. Born in Opava, she has lived in Poland and England. She works primarily with sound and voice, as well as with video and live interaction. She likes using her emotional variability to mirror the atmosphere of the given space. She prefers street performance for its interactivity with random audience members and interpretation of public space. She has performed in Paris, Spain and Portugal with the famous sound artist Rinus van Alebeek. For the past three years she has lived and worked in Prague.

Jan Klamm (CZ) feat. Kristina Láníková (CZ) aka Mooncup Accident “Oh God, a mooncup accident is like a massacre, bless your heart!” New experimental music duo associated with the Prague-based KLaNGundKRaCH collective – a woman, a man and their amplified lamentations and charming speech of love & trash. The group recently released a debut album called ‘Litany of Hole’ on Blood in the Boat Records.

Laura Luna Castillo (MX)

A multimedia artist from Mexico, interested in cinema and screenwriting, she has been exploring different alternatives to enhance her storytelling, most recently through experimental, dreamy, drone noises, making sound collages with mellow field recordings, toys and chip music. Her main subject has always been to explore the uncanny in the memories of childhood and growing up.

Yves Degoyon aka d.R.e.G.S. (direct Raw experimental Gran Stamina) (FR)

Sevy works on real-time live experiments, developing various site-specific live setups to create some unstable contexts, leading to a permanent re-questioning of musical and visual patterns. Associating with deconstruction and using various self-developed programs to achieve a random navigation in his obsessive influences (industrial, noise, tribal), he also develops live video setups using unconventional techniques, projection on various surfaces and video/sound interaction. A new, experimental project, in which an actor’s gestures are processed and transformed into spectrums and video noise patterns, creating a visual experience where you can see beyond the performer’s gestures and perceive hidden energies.

Stanley and his Cloe’s Robot Band (CZ/SK/US)

Stanley Povoda has been building robots from recycled materials already seen in the 60s. His robots are all musicians, each playing an instrument. Recently, Stanley transformed his Cloe’s Robot Band from analogue to digital and this will be the first performance they play.

Prague Biennale 6 and Prague Biennale Photo 3

Nákladové nádraží  Žižkov, Želivského 2, Prague 3

Public transport: from metro Želivského trams: 9, 10, 16, 26 to stop ’Nákladové nádraží Žižkov’

+420 972 245 054

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