Martin Klapper/Ruinu/Core of the Coalman and Pizmo in a tunnel together this Saturday

 like rats, and almost underground



running Saturday, rain or shine


through the sewer, at summer’s end


between hospital and vineyard


and vineyard and hospital


join us


Na pozvání hudebního vydavatelství KLaNGundKRaCH pokřtíme nové číslo PIŽMA společně s novou kazetou Martin Klapper/Ruinu a cd Core of the Coalman.

…..slavnostním kmotrem bude Lenka Klodová…..

 we are having a release party Saturday for Pižmo magazine and these two new KlangUndKrach items:

The first is a split cassette by Martin Klapper and the band Ruinu:

Martin Klapper / RUiNU

“Tape Music / I loosen, untie, I solve”


Core of the Coalman

“Plastová Okna a Dveře”



The second is a new cd recording by myself, Core of the Coalman, and features fourteen new tracks of electronic music, weather, and animal sounds, with occasional opportunities for dancing or sorrow inspired by time spent underwater.

Saturday 21 September/ Sobotu 21 Zari

v tunel mezi Vinohrady a Albertov/in the tunnel between Vinohrady and Albertov

 blizko Koubkova a Legerova ulici/near Koubkova and Legerova streets

a pod Fugnerovo Namesti/and below Fugnerovo Namesti

16:00, free/vstup zdarma

Budeme se těšit v sobotu v podchodu na setkání za skutečných zvuků RUiNU s Martinem Klapperem a také Core of the Coalmana a 
Pižmo Cat Squad

there will be performances by Martin Klapper, Ruinu, and Core of the Coalman

and doubtless some trouble from the Pizmo kittens

(a taky tam nahorze je dobre hospoda)

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