large and then small loops

There will be a short-ish Core of the Coalman concert this Sunday in Studio Truhlarna as part of their ongoing series Open Sundays.  There will also be a graphic design exhibition, and a few other performances.  The event starts at 19:30 pm (according to this flyer but elsewhere I saw it was written 19:00 as... Continue Reading →


Colour Out of Space Festival has officially begun for me, and with Woven Skull we will there play somethings very soon…

Colour Out of Space festival in Brighton, begins so soon, this Friday: COLOUR OUT OF SPACE / 6 INTERNATIONAL EXPERIMENTAL SOUND FESTIVAL Performance Weekend 8th - 10th November 2013 with Ilan Volkov, Maya Dunietz, Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro) & Reiko.A, Angela Sawyer, Dinosaurs With Horns, Alessandro Bosetti, Dieter Schnebel (Q+A), Joachim Nordwall & Dan Froberg, Sons of God (Leif Elggren & Kent Tankred), DDAA, Richard Youngs & Luke Fowler & Neil Campbell Trio, Jooklo Duo, CM Hausswolff & Michael... Continue Reading →

Long-Range Communication and Improvisation-Interaction of Music Ensembles on Air: PIO (Praha) meets Orquesta Del Caos (Barcelona) in new collaboration with Cesky Rozhlas (and I will have a new composition in the middle of all that)

"LONG-RANGE COMMUNICATION AND IMPROVISATION. INTERACTION OF MUSIC ENSEMBLES ON AIR.  SILENCE IN THE CONCERT HALL AND THE UNIVERSE IN HEADPHONES.  ACOUSTICALLY RECORDED SPACE OF ACOUSMATIC IMAGINATION." (text from Cesky Rozhlas website) I am very pleased to announce that I will be involved this coming Tuesday in another project with Cesky Rozhlas.  This time it is... Continue Reading →

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