Colour Out of Space Festival has officially begun for me, and with Woven Skull we will there play somethings very soon…

Colour Out of Space festival in Brighton, England…it begins so soon, this Friday:


Performance Weekend 8th – 10th November 2013 with

Ilan VolkovMaya DunietzHiroshi Hasegawa (Astro) & Reiko.AAngela SawyerDinosaurs With HornsAlessandro Bosetti, Dieter Schnebel (Q+A)Joachim Nordwall & Dan FrobergSons of God (Leif Elggren & Kent Tankred)DDAARichard Youngs Luke Fowler & Neil Campbell Trio, Jooklo DuoCM Hausswolff & Michael EspositoAndy GuhlEnzo MinarelliGen Ken MontgomeryDan Melchior, Hans Clavin & GJ De RookSIndre Bjerga, Bridget HaydenMakino TakashiGwilly Edmondez & THF Drenching & Posset, Poulomi DesaiDog Lady IslandKiko C. Esseiva & Vincent de Roguin, Jennifer Walshe & Tomomi AdachiSpoils & Relics with Karen ConstanceAcrid LactationsAcchiappashpirtWoven SkullOccult HandUsurper & Dora Doll, Skin GraftGreg Kelley & Dylan Nyoukis, Andie Brown & Sharon GalPrimate ArenaFordell Research UnitKenny Millions & Rat Bastard, The Y Bend, Roman NoseM.StactorTom WhiteLorah Pierre & Ewa Justka, F Ampism, Psykick Dancehall, Derek Walmsley (Q+A) + Workshops + Films + More

I will play there with my friends, Woven Skull.  Here are some other tape recordings we have made together, some from our tour last year with Dan Higgs:

if you live around there, see you, soon!

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