Recurring Dreams/Light/Sound Installation Opening Wednesday/and Friday at NOD A/V Performance: Core of the Coalman and the Kisses in the Deep Electric Blue

“I had that dream again where my hands are guns and I can’t drink my coffee.” Pete Hoffman Days, David Harrison Horton


I also have been experiencing a certain recurring dream.  I am cooking a hamburger on a small, round, barbecue grill in the backyard of the house I grew up in in San Antonio, Texas.  The photo above is a picture of the front “yard.  You can see how burned the grass looks.  Its hot there, and in my dream it is also hot, but nevertheless there I am, cooking a hamburger.

You can imagine my surprise when out of the bushes run two crazed wild boars, javelinas.  Holy shit, look out Jorge!

They run up to me at my grill, and then stop, and begin to circle around.  One of them looks up at me, and suddenly I recognize her from the grey/white patch of scruff on the top of her head.  Its my old friend.  She smiles and starts talking to me.

“Hey, we wanted to ask you if you wanted to play this show we are organizing.”


“Yeah, its going to be sort of a rave.  It should be cool, and we wanted you to play for the whole show.”

“Uh, huh…well, you know, I’m not really making dance music.  I like to do long pieces sometimes, but..”

“No, we really think it will work…”

“I am not sure, four hours is a really long time.” (I have no idea where the “four hours” comes from)

“Well, maybe I can ask Dan to play too he is a friend of ours.” Suddenly, I realize they are talking about Dan Deacon (why is he in my dream??)

“Well, uh, ok, maybe I can handle the more ambient parts.”

“Yeah that sounds great”

And thats it.

Well, unfortunately no wild pig rave with Dan Deacon and Core of the Coalman this week, but there are two other enticing events that I want to tell you about.  The first is this Wednesday in INI Gallery in the Orco building (by Divus) here in Prague:

This installation is the third part of Jana Babincova‘s triptych “I Am Talking To You”.

Srdečně zveme na poslední část výstavně-situační trilogie

19 hod

INI Gallery

here is a photo featuring me in an awkward posture, from the first part of Jana’s project, Black Drumbeats/White Violin Waves:


I am extremely happy to announce that the Art’s Birthday event will also feature the birthday of my new project with Jakub Grosz and Pascal Silondi:

Core of the Coalman and the Kisses in the Deep Electric Blue

In this project we combine the evolving textural layers of Core of the Coalman‘s scratch-strung and synthisizer time-bending soup with the immersive, space- transforming visual  contours of the artists central to the group Libat.  Please join us for our show, we will play first, beginning promptly soon after 19:00, so come early!!  Its at prostor NOD (Dlouha 33, Prague), and entrance is FREE. 

I want to extend a big thank you to Cesky Rozhlas (Czech Radio) for making this event possible.  This is our third collaborative project, and I am really enjoying working together!

Here are some details, in Czech and English:

Rozhlasový éter, satelitní spojení, internet, prostor, lidé, umění, voda, kýbl, houbička = globální oslava = 1.000.051 Narozenin umění.

Již 10. narozeninová party v produkci Českého rozhlasu a Evropské vysílací unie, která se každoročně odehrává nejen v místech důležitých pro rozkvět české kultury, ale i v nejrůznějších prostorech po celém světě, včetně evropského rozhlasového éteru a internetu. Letošní oslava proběhne ve spolupráci s Experimentálním prostorem NoD za účasti umělců z České republiky, Slovenska, Rakouska a Spojených států amerických. Celkem čtyři koncerty propojí textově-zvuková performance Jaromíra Typlta.

19:00 | vernisáž výstavy Minutový komixxx / café NoD

19:20 | Core of the Coalman and the Kisses in the Deep Electric Blue / video NoD

20:00 | Bernadette Zeilinger (AT) & Pavel Zlámal / concert space NoD

21:00 | Matthew Goodheart (USA) – Bracken Tongues Wept / concert space NoD

21:30 | Mikoláš Chadima & Julo Fujak (SK) = XAFOO / video NoD



Radio broadcast, satellite connection, internet, space, people, art, water, bucket, sponge = global celebration = 1.000.051 Art’s Birthday

The 10th birthday celebration in the production of Czech Radio and the European Broadcasting Union takes place annually not only at places of importance to the development of the Czech culture, but also at various places around the world, including the European radio broadcast and internet. This year’s celebration will take place in collaboration with the Experimental space NoD in the attendance of artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and the USA. All four concerts will be linked by a textual-acoustic performance of Jaromír Typlt.

7 pm [CET] // Exhibition of Minutový komixxx / café NoD

7.20pm [CET] // Core of the Coalman and the Kisses in the Deep Electric Blue / video NoD

8 pm [CET] // Bernadette Zeilinger (AT) & Pavel Zlámal / concert space NoD

9 pm [CET] // Matthew Goodheart (USA) – Bracken Tongues Wept / concert space NoD

9.30 pm [CET] // Mikoláš Chadima & Julo Fujak (SK) = XAFOO / video NoD


See you there!

and if not it was just announced that the event will be streamed live at

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