Upcoming History to Remember the Future From and Afterwords

FIRST OF ALL, I am really happy to be playing TODAY, Friday the..wait, no Monday the 10th at my second year student’s gallery opening at Fotograf gallery here in Prague:

I am not sure what time I will play, the event is really about new installations from Laura Castillo, Filip Krásný and Matěj Šenkyřík.


I will be trying to play my new piece “Consensual Pulses In Relational Fields 1-3”, and we will see how that goes 🙂  I am sure it might fit the theme of the show, Post-Atomic States (should any concept of pulse remain at all)

here are all the details, in two languages and a smaller font:

Společná výstava prací Laury Luny Castillo, Filipa Krásného a Matěje Šenkyříka

Studenti programu Interaktivní média Školy umění a designu na pražské Prague College představují soubory svých semestrálních prací v pražské Fotograf Gallery.

Anomie je stav nestability, kdy přestávají platit společenské normy, zažitá pravidla, zvyky a běžné životní jistoty. Alternativní řešení se ještě nepodařila nalézt a běžné výklady situací nejsou nadále srozumitelné ani přijatelné. Tato výstava je výsledkem našich rozdílných přístupů k pojetí nedorozumění, odmítání, strachu, a různých stavů sebeuvědomění, způsobených nejistotou z příliš intimního kontaktu v okamžicích, kdy to nečekáme. Nevyhnutelný cyklus odmítání, který následuje, je možné pozorovat na Matějově objektu a v podobě nejasné, ambivalentní satiry odmítnutí i ve Filipově díle. Společnou výstavu zakončuje Lauřina instalace snové abstrakce nevázaného shluku vzpomínek a pocitů, které není možné sdílet.

Laura Luna Castillo, kurátor


Vernisážová zvuková performance: Jorge Boehringer / Core of the Coalman: Consensual Pulses In Relational Fields 1-3

EN: Collective exhibition of works by Laura Luna Castillo, Filip Krásný and Matěj Šenkyřík

Students in the Interactive Media program at Prague College’s School of Art & Design will present collections of their semestral work at Prague’s Fotograf Gallery.

Anomie is a state of “normlessness” and instability, felt in a society where existing rules, habits and beliefs no longer apply and alternatives have yet to be found, making common meanings no longer understood or accepted. This exhibition is the result of our different processes of internalizing miscommunication, rejection and fear, and the different stages of reflection and dissolution; from the fear and awkwardness of being approached too intimately, when our guards are off, and the inevitable loop of rejection that is produced as a consequence as presented in Matej’s work, to the ambiguous and ambivalent satirization of rejection in Filip’s piece, and finally a dreamy abstraction of an unbridled collection of memories and feelings that couldn’t be intimated or shared as presented in Laura’s installation.

Laura Luna Castillo, curator


Opening sound performance: Jorge Boehringer / Core of the Coalman: Consensual Pulses In Relational Fields 1-3

Otevírací doba: úterý a středa 13 – 19 hodin / Opening time: Tuesday and Weednesday 1 – 7pm
Fotograf Gallery, Školská 28, Praha 1

ve spolupráci s / in collaboration with Prague Colllege www.praguecollege.cz
Fotograf Gallery je finančně podporována Ministerstvem kultury ČR a Hlavním městem Praha / Fotograf Gallery receives financial support from the Czech Ministry of Culture and the City of Prague

and then:

There are strange things happening.  Dan Vlcek, whose artwork is pictured above, has invited me to perform on the 21st of February in his exhibition in the Drdova Gallery (Krizkovskeho 10, 130 00 Prague, Czech Republic).  I will update this with more details as to who the other performers are  when I have them (I think DAVID SMITMAJER is going to play!)but I am very excited to do this, as I find what Dan is doing to be really inspiring.  But what is weird is that I realized that name of the show, Pokud nahráváte novou smyčku pozpátku, bude v paměti dál uložena ve směru vpřed, ale bude se chovat, jako by byla uložena obráceně / If you record a new loop backwards, it will still be stored in forward in memory, but it will behave as if it was stored backwards, is kind of the same as the title of this post I was typing.  The loops have merged?  Maybe they will on the 21st too, lets see.  I am really looking forward to this…


In March, I am very happy to be making a short Czech/Slovak/Austria tour with Tsembla from Finland, one of my absolutely favorite artists.  I don’t have full details for these shows, except that they will take place between the 12th-16th of March (and then I have a birthday) but as things fill in I will surely update them here.

The image above is linked to the show in Brno, which is being arranged by my good friends, AVA, and here is the information they have put together for that one (aaggaaiinn, in multiple languages and small type for easier under standing)

TSEMBLA (FI / New Images, Vauva, Ikuisuus)

Tsembla is the musical work of Marja Johansson, a Swedish-Finnish artist living and working in Turku, Finland. Utilizing a wide range of instruments, electronics, objects and samples, the music of Tsembla rides on waves of warped melodies, rhythms and mutating textures, crossbreeding the known and the imaginary.
Nouskaa henget (Spirits, rise!) is her newest release, after the 7” Tuplafiesta, released by Jan Anderzén’s Vauva label in 2009 and the LP Fauna on the Finnish Ikuisuus label in 2011. Loosely assembled, rough edged compositions, rich in details, come together into odd instrumental miniatures in an almost-pop format, venturing into fourth world territory from a lattering, wheezing and boiling DIY kitchen inspired by Moondog, Ruth White, Raymond Roussel, LAFMS, Jon Hassell, Anton Bruhin, René Daumal, Suzanne Ciani and folk musics of the Andes and Asia.

Recommended listen:


CORE OF THE COALMAN (US,CZ / Feathered Coyote Records, Zum, Resipiscent, KLaNGundKRaCH…)


The solo project of sound artist Jorge Boehringer, consists of continuity and discontinuity for viola, voice and circuits on theborder between order and chaos. Sonically diverse and at times explosive in texture, Core of the Coalman emphasizes the physicality of sound in its synesthetic relationships between ear, mind, and environment.
Think of Tony Conrad meets Melvins meets an airport on another planet meets Skandanavia meets prehistoric underwater life meets Scelsi and it is still all wrong.

Recommended listen:



+ AVAfterparty



Here is a short video of Tsembla playing live in Portugal:

Tsembla Live Oporto from silvestre on Vimeo.

and then, or before:

I will soon be having a very small showing of new drawings, or “works on paper” since they aren’t drawings of anything.  As is usual, I haven’t full details, or even the date of the tiny vernissage, but I will update it here and I hope you come.  The gallery is a new gallery in Zizkov, here in Prague and is called Bliss Farm.  Below, for example, is a painting by Jana Palecekova:

Here is the Gallery’s website

“original art and home decor”

(and now, to make up for the lack of useful information elsewhere, a story about a Brontosaurus and some documentation from other recent activities)

definitely before:

Second brain crackling electrically to life the Brontosaurus awakes, slowly stirring his massive tail through the shrubbery in response to the impulse now moving upwards towards his primary center of consciousness. The spark having reached the gaspipe, he lifts his head, glacially, expanding outward his serpentine neck to see what awaits in the Mesozoic morning. Enjoying the advantage of having two consciousnesses, the body stretches itself, without effort, and therefore requiring no stimulants, neither mate nor coffee, to jump-start this ritual exercise upon waking, all accomplished while remaining still carefully hidden in the primeval vegetation beneath the monocot forest canopy.

What would the day bring?

He eventually would have to do something, to get up and, avoiding tar pits, get something to eat, perhaps some finding some succulent palm fruits. He would have to avoid other, swifter species of dinosaur, both out of his love of solitude, and also out of the desire to avoid being eaten.

Something cold and wet touched his back and suddenly the Brontosaurus realized it was snowing. This was unexpected, and gave new possibility to the day. He opened his eyes as wide as he could. It was still hazy, everywhere. The sun had not shown itself for two weeks, and he had already begun to feel sluggish – perhaps now the persistent clouds would snow themselves out, the snow would stick and the moon appear in the night, illuminating the landscape with the white underglow. A decision was reached, whether from the tail or the head, to go and visit some friends.

Brontosauruses lived far apart from one another, bulk alone requiring that each occupy a large territory where massive amounts of fruits and nuts could be found. Our heroes current grove was largely exhausted, and what with the snow coming, the time for movement was clearly at hand. Excitement for this possibility caused him to rise himself.

“It is clearly a day full of possibility” he thought to himself.

Overcoming social anxiety, perhaps they would invent language, each two brained beast beginning to discuss at first internally and later externally with other Brotosauruses in the neighborhood. Perhaps eventually they would communicate with other species, leading to domestication, agriculture, pets, avant-garde music, and eventually the possibility of communication with other types of beings inhabiting other star systems and dimensions. Everything was possible.

Tomas Vodnansky(apologies once again, I cannot make diacritical marks on this computer) took some very nice pictures at the Art’s Birthday Concert in NOD a few Friday’s back.  Here was moderator Jaromir Typlt:

and here Core of the Coalman, disguised as an elderly railroad worker (minus collaborators, but they will appear in the video below, and their work makes up the better part of that, although the quality of this very overly compressed recording does not help things, sonically or visually)


railroad worker checks his diagnostic computer to see if the trains are running on schedule:


Bernadette Zielinger & Pavel Zlámal

Mikoláš Chadima & Julo Fujak (XAFOO)

anyone have pictures from Matthew Goodheart’s set?

Here is the this really compressed video with the really bad eq and compression on the sound (it was actually very much fuller in the space, had bass frequencies, and also a dynamic range in the sound, but also, fortunately with the Kisses in the Deep Electric Blue – Pascal Silondi and Jakub Grosz)

and finally, one picture from our installation at INI gallery with Jana Babincova and Michaela Kurikova:

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