Vernisáž v Pátek/Vernissage Friday Come to the Farm na Žižkově

Vernisáž pro některé z mých kreseb v pátek od 17-20:00 v Bliss Farm galerii na Zizkove///Vernissage for some of my drawings this Friday from 5-8 at Bliss Farm Gallery in Zzzizkov. Come on over!

My friends at Bliss Farm Gallery are going to tolerate some of my drawings on their walls for the next few weeks, and the opening party is THIS FRIDAY from 17:00 – 20:00.

“Bliss Farm is pleased to be showing a new series of Drawings from Jorge Boehringer. The creation of these works relate to Jorge’s work as a musician and composer and draw (pun intended) upon a love affair with the interrelation of visual and auditory sensations. The free flowing scribbles undulate and intermingle to form compositions rich in density, and free in their execution. The visual equivalent of a feedback loop, Jorge’s drawings are exuberant, aggressive, and bold.”

Vernissage : Friday, February 28th at 5:00

Show runs until March 21st

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