zrat vlastna hudba: forthcoming sonic wonders

All sorts of things are happening.  Mostly right now its a lot of geology.

Upcoming concerts include:


this is the band I have been playing drums in, and this concert

features special ghosts Jan Klamm and Patrik Pelikan





MAY 31

Dejvická Nádražka

Václavkova 1, 16000 Dejvice, Hlavní Město Praha, Czech Republic

(by Nadrazi Dejvice, near Hradcanska)

— pretty old sound —

— lo/ve —

— andrea rottin & oswaldovi —

Dejvická Nádražka

Václavkova 1, 16000 Dejvice, Hlavní Město Praha, Czech Republic

8:30 PM


this photo below is of the band lo/ve:

then, there is this item concerning what might be my last solo concert here in Czech Republic for a while…I am going to Finland for an Artist’s Residency program (more information on that later on) for two months starting in July, and then in October I will move to the UK to start a PhD course in Huddersfield…I am of course up for doing Core of the Coalman where time permits and adventure promises, but for now this is the only one booked, so please come out to

Wakushoppu: Zvony Proti Mlze + Core Of The Coalman

Tuesday, Utery 3.6

Cafe V Lese

Krymská 12, Praha 10

free, I think

O Zvony Proti Mlze: Duo Zvony proti mlze tvoří dva z členů improvizačního kolektivu The Pololáníks, nominovaném letos na cenu Vinyla v kategorii objev roku. Pokud se dá říci, že Pololáníci tvoří v částečném utajení, je jejich elektroakustický odštěpný závod Zvony proti mlze ještě tajemnější a utajenější. Informace, zanechávající za sebou jsou záměrně matoucí a zaumné a zaumné je i jejich EP sagte er,dachte ich, citující v názvu román Thomas Bernharda Ztroskotanec.

O Core of the Coalman:

(dekuji, Barbora, za fotki)

greetings, and welcome to the Core of the Coalman

I have wanted, for a long time, to communicate with you

after many attempts I have finally resolved

a method of communication

based on vibration and electricity

it is hoped that by communicating through rhythmic cadence

that the meaning and the colour of the text

will be made clear

and that what might be lost in terms of detail

on the level of the individual word

may be made up in terms of specificity

through our mutual engagement

with the textures presented to our collective experience

in the immediate environment of this concert

(this message will repeat)

Thats, right its Pretty Old Sound again, but this time in Tabor:


June 27/Orion Music Club/8?

Garážový psychózy v Orionu. Psychedelická párty s Vellocet Roll v nový sestavě a poprvé s Pretty OldSound.

VELLOCET ROLL (Psychedelic/Noise/Post-punk)
-reverb ve voku, projížďka bažinou, splašenej kůň drtíce rumba koulí čas

PRETTY OLD SOUND (Psychedelic/Garage)
-pražská pustina, smrad z močálů a syrový kytary

Afterparty podává Ida juniorka a její dark dark synth


syrovy kytary?

meanwhile, back in Prague, we will play at the free, all day, outdoors-in-stromovka, Rock Against Cancer festival:

The Sam Thomas Charitable Foundation proudly presents ROCK AGAINST CANCER
Open Air Free Summer Concert at Šlechtovka in Prague’s Stromovka Park
Saturday 28.06.2014
(live music from 14:00 to 22:00 near the ruin & old gazeebo garden, aka Šlechtovka) FREE ENTRY! VSTUP ZDARMA!!!

* free entry
* charcoal food grill & full bar
* cafe with coffee & cake
* children’s area with face painting & balloons
* charity raffle
* benefit for cancer research raised by donation
* proceeds to Cancer Research UK registered charity.

Google map for Šlechtovka in Stromovka Park, Prague 7: http://www.slechtovka.com/kontakty/

Saturday, June 28

at 2:00pm – 10:00pm


Fuzz, scream and shaking beats.
Garage rock power trio with Maggie singing and thumping violin bass while a Rickenbacker guitar buzzes and chimes. THE MAGGIE’S MARSHMALLOWS’ authentic vintage 60s tones come from their love of 1960s California and Texas garage punk. Also, because they sacrificed their food, rent and beer money to buy vintage amps, guitars and old school fuzz toys. This Prague band has got something special going on — one of the great vintage garage rock bands in Europe — and has successfully toured Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Holland and the UK.




Carefully crafted rock songs with catchy vocal hooks and guitar riffs, pulsating drums, and machine-tight bass. THE DRAIN are a Prague band that has captured international attention with their latest release, the self-produced album “We, Love, We.” (Listen to it here: http://bandzone.cz/thedrain

) THE DRAIN combine elements of glam rock, grunge, 60s garage and blues with the best aspects of power pop.



How can one man gets so much sound from a guitar all by himself? JUSTIN LAVASH has an entire orchestra in his fingertips — picking out rhythms and lead guitar parts at the same time. Originally from England, and with more than 25 years of European tours and festival appearances, this hard-working guitarist/singer has become a favorite son of Prague’s blues and jazz scene.





Deemed “Prague’s favorite dark rocker,” PHIL SHOENFELT was part of the CBGBs NYC underground scene in the early 1980s and 1990s. This English musician and author now fronts SOUTHERN CROSS, DIM LOCATOR, and BRUCE WELLIE BAND. Shoenfelt has been bandmates with members of THE FALL, CRIME & THE CITY SOLUTION and THE CLASH’s entourage. He also was lead guitarist for NIKKI SUDDEN of the 1970s English art punk band SWELL MAPS. Shoenfelt co-founded FATAL SHORE with BRNO ADAMS (R.I.P.) and CHRIS HUGHES from Australia’s ONCE UPON A TIME. He is joined by Czech guitarist David Babka at ROCK AGAINST CANCER.





The Turpentine Ray write songs about prison, toxic waste, and sandwiches. Hailing from San Francisco, Pittsburgh; West Virginia; Birmingham, UK; and Prague — they’ve developed their own kind of Turbine-Engine Room folk music. It revolves around Bowie-esque vocal melodies with acoustic guitar, slide, banjo, cello, bass and drums — surpassing the run-of-the-mill folk group bandwagon. The Turpentine Ray isn’t a folk group. It’s a band with originality — and it rocks.





With members from Finland, The Netherlands and Prague, this underground power trio lists its influences as Blind Willie Johnson, Staple Singers, Hank Williams, John Lee Hooker, Reverend Gary Davis, and Howlin Wolf. Throw in fuzztone electric distortion and a drummer who has been a foundation stone of Prague underground rock scene since Repre Club days of the early 1990s… and this place is jumping.



13th Floor Elevators meets The Cramps in a Prague attic. TRAILER CRASH’s sound evolved from 60s psychedelic, surf and raw garage protopunk. Kings of the basement – Trash is back!



Syd Barrett meets My Bloody Valentine in Joy Division’s dressing room. PRETTY OLD SOUND is a laconic rock trio of introspection. Hypnotic tribal drums lock with minimalist bass and lashes of clear, bright stratocaster guitar that pulsates between melodic and dissonant — augmented by subdued vocals that are drenched in a dreamscape of spring-coil reverb.




Charitativní nadace Sama Thomase hrdě oznamuje konání open air letního koncertu
ROCK AGAINST CANCER (Rockem proti rakovine)

v Šlechtovce v pražské Stromovce, v sobotu 28. 6. 2014.
(živá muzika od 14:00 do 22:00, poblíž poničeného a starého zahradního altánu, Šlechtovky)

* vstup volný
* grilování a kompletní bar
* kavárna s kávou a sladkostmi
* dětský koutek s malováním na obličej & balónky
* charitativní tombola
* výtěžek dárcovských příspěvků na výzkum rakoviny
* výtěžek registrované britské charitativní společnosti ‘Cancer Research UK’.


I will be posting here soon information about an exciting new Core of the Coalman release (in Japan!) as well as information about the project I will be doing in Turku, Finland beginning in July.

and as always, any advertising appearing below is to be ignored, or ripped apart with teeth and thereupon further xformed:


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