Rogomichkin presents : festival na zahradě : Rouilleux / Pretty Old Sound / Ann Joy Ann / Matěj Senkyrik +++ New Core of the Coalman record emerges

 join us this Sunday  in the garden of Vesele Kozy   None of this is actually going to sound anything like what I am posting here, and all this information is false. Rouilleux   Rouilleux started as a one-man project after the disbanding of Prague-based band The Ruin of Ruins in 2009. Debut album... Continue Reading →

Slow Singers Sumersaulting Forever In Imaginary Pictures of a Dreaming Lamb’s Mouth

I recently decided that all the master tracks from all the releases I could find from 2004 or so until now should be in one place, so I have uploaded everything to Bandcamp, and you can listen with the links below...most of these are out of print, some temporarily, though hardly any physical objects will... Continue Reading →

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