Slow Singers Sumersaulting Forever In Imaginary Pictures of a Dreaming Lamb’s Mouth

I recently decided that all the master tracks from all the releases I could find from 2004 or so until now should be in one place, so I have uploaded everything to Bandcamp, and you can listen with the links below…most of these are out of print, some temporarily, though hardly any physical objects will be made over the summer because I am on my way to Finland for two months at a residency in Turku, and after I will move to the UK to study.  All these recordings also live on the Sounds page, here (along with still, and moving, others) and also on the Core of the Coalman bandcamp website.

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Stay tuned for information about the new Core of the Coalman cassette coming out on the amazing Feathered Coyote recordings from Vienna, also a cd coming soon from Kirigirisu Recordings, and something dark to be released here in Prague with the brand new and mysterious Palace Nudes

also, there are still several concerts I am involved in before I leave Czech Republic, check the last post, and I will also update things here on this site as information becomes availiable.


and as always, any products advertised below are absolutely undesirable:

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