Rogomichkin presents : festival na zahradě : Rouilleux / Pretty Old Sound / Ann Joy Ann / Matěj Senkyrik +++ New Core of the Coalman record emerges

 join us this Sunday  in the garden of Vesele Kozy


None of this is actually going to sound anything like what I am posting here, and all this information is false.



Rouilleux started as a one-man project after the disbanding of Prague-based band The Ruin of Ruins in 2009. Debut album Zugzwang was followed by rebuilding the project into a full band with members from around KLaNGundKRaCH label and Prague experimental scene. Currently a three-piece formation, with a new record Scatter Your Soul released in June 2014.



Matěj Senkyrik



Matěj Senkyrik, Whirrled Premier involving  Clarinets (aka: Gloom Tubes) and Voice from the International Man of Mystery himself, perhaps performing with a Relative.



Pretty Old Sound


this is the band I have been playing drums in





Ann Joy Ann

for examles:


Ann Joy Ann is Core of the Coalman in ecstatic violaguitar and throat glory

(songs for all)


also, check this out (especially if you live in Tabor) probably by the time you see it, it will be happening NOW

June 27/Orion Music Club/8?

Garážový psychózy v Orionu. Psychedelická párty s Vellocet Roll v nový sestavě a poprvé s Pretty OldSound.

VELLOCET ROLL (Psychedelic/Noise/Post-punk)
-reverb ve voku, projížďka bažinou, splašenej kůň drtíce rumba koulí čas

PRETTY OLD SOUND (Psychedelic/Garage)
-pražská pustina, smrad z močálů a syrový kytary

Afterparty podává Ida juniorka a její dark dark synth



Saturday, back in Prague, we (Pretty Old Sound) will play at the free, all day, outdoors-in-stromovka, Rock Against Cancer festival:

The Sam Thomas Charitable Foundation proudly presents ROCK AGAINST CANCER
Open Air Free Summer Concert at Šlechtovka in Prague’s Stromovka Park
Saturday 28.06.2014
(live music from 14:00 to 22:00 near the ruin & old gazeebo garden, aka Šlechtovka) FREE ENTRY! VSTUP ZDARMA!!!

* free entry
* charcoal food grill & full bar
* cafe with coffee & cake
* children’s area with face painting & balloons
* charity raffle
* benefit for cancer research raised by donation
* proceeds to Cancer Research UK registered charity.

Google map for Šlechtovka in Stromovka Park, Prague 7:

Saturday, June 28

at 2:00pm – 10:00pm




Its the new Core of the Coalman record! Well, almost, its here, and you can listen to it, and its availiable for pre-order now.

“Amphibious Radost was recorded in the basement of Jakub Grosz’s family’s cottage in Vsenory, Czech Republic. Jakub and I had been going there often to discuss and experiment with our ideas for new approaches for working with sound and images and thinking about the nature of the universe, and the nature of nature. Its easier to think about that when you are surrounded by beautiful wildness, than in the city…Anyway, an invitation came to make a long piece for Darina Alster, a radical body and performance artist in Czech Republic. Since the performance would last about an hour and I didn’t want the sound to repeat (well…its sort of funny that, because it SOUNDS like it repeats, but it doesn’t, exactly…) I designed a slowly unfolding process with several layers. One of the layers, the viola pizzicato, has a slowly unfolding process of permutation between the notes in the bass and “melodic” lines. Another, the ring-modulated insects, follows a different process of augmentation and unfolding, sort of like a noise-canon. The wrap and unwrap around and in relation to one another, and seem to be moving all the time, yet somehow also staying very still. Its like an illusion, or a resistance against the flow of time. It moves, but remains in place, almost as if to compensate for the incessant movement of time everywhere.” Jorge Boehringer, Core Of The Coalman




Kirigirisu Recordings is a label founded in Tokyo in the Spring of 2014 with the intention of releasing limited edition CDRs of various genres of music by artists from various locations. There is no label sound, the thing that ties the releases together is the enthusiasm of the label founders to present the music to a larger audience and the independent spirit of the musicians. CDRs are presented in handmade sleeves with a common aesthetic theme. The releases will primarily be available for mail order through the label’s bandcamp and through the artists at their shows, but we will also distribute to some selected locations and webshops.


any advertising appearing below is just trying to ruin the party.


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