Fish Poems, part 1






Salmon swimming in the dead of night

Take up thy fins and grow some feet

Against the current with all your might

For the future dance once, then leave


Everything depends on a little love

For that even the sea you must be abandon

Your daughters will be bats, and your sons fawns

Under the tent the lights are on


You were always waiting for this telephone to ring

So stand upright, then jump the fall

Salmon running in the light of spring

Take your sockeye and learn to sing


Others have long shadows too

From great height of the dark black slower

One foot tests ground outside of the zoo

Under the tent, the lights are lower


The phone is calling but no one is takes it

It repeats its name, again and again

Perhaps, after all, there is no fate

Or current, pushing past river bend


While salmon wait in gravel beds

the Kermodee grin from ear to ear

Across the riffle, building redds

Under the tent, the lights are clear


Your daughters will have wings, and your sons, tails

Before the clock reaches half past noon

You were only waiting for the moment to avail

To spawn again beneath full moon


You’ve great humps on your back, but the circus moves on

All your life has been gradually drawn

A history and sentience that comes with the dawn

Beneath the tent the lights have gone





Fish Poems

new works by Jorge Boehringer



One week only:

July 29 – August 3


Itäinen Rantakatu 8, 20700 Turku, Finland

Avajaiset / Opening party
29.7. 18:00 – 20:00


this James Turrell cover song is unfortunately not in the show:


Näyttelyni tiivistää suuria etäisyyksiä ja toisaalta asettaa pieniä asioita suurennuslasin alle. Muutamat kokemukset irtoavat ajasta ja toiset taas laajenevat jatkuvaksi läsnäoloksi.
Yritän ymmärtää joitakin havaintokykyni puolia. Korvaan, abstrahoin ja muovaan havaittuja asioita tai havaittuja tapahtumaketjuja elektronisilla toisinnoilla ja edelleen rinnastan niitä keskenään uusiksi kokonaisuuksiksi.

This exhibition simultaneously compresses large distances and magnifies small things. It takes some experiences out of time and expands others into a continuous now. I am attempting to understand some aspects of perception by replacing the perceived object with electronic simulacra, or by abstracting and modeling those perceived systems of events, and juxtaposing them into new configurations.


same song, different key:

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