Amphibious Radost released on Kirigirsu Recordings in Japan, and Last (for now) Concert in Turku

 Friday the 29th at Nykytaidetila Kutomo, Tsembla, myself  (thats Core of the Coalman, at times, and usually when the moon is not full), and Kuupuu, are going to have a concert.  This is my last concert before I have to leave beautiful Turku, and Finland,  and these are some of my favorite musicians, so check... Continue Reading →


Fish Poems: Documentation from My Recent Installations

Hastily-made documentary of my show at Titanik-Galleria here in Turku, and some photos...thanks again to all the people who visited the show and to my friends here in Turku for so much help and support...I learned a lot from this! Fish Poems: Documentation from the Installations from Jorge Boehringer on Vimeo. A step behind the... Continue Reading →

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