Saturday in Helsinki

Kemialliset Ystävät is playing Saturday in Helsinki on the Flow Festival.  There are going to be expensive cupcakes there, according to what the festival website and gossip suggests.  Before our concert there, though, and also on Saturday, I am playing a Core of the Coalman continuum at the record release party for the new Kemialliset Ystavat record.  Here is all the information:



Alvar Aalto once designed a boat and wanted to call it Nemo Propheta In Patria (“no prophet is accepted on his home planet”). The building process turned into a farce and the boat didn’t float.

Kemialliset Ystävät would like to invite you to a matinee of carefully selected live music to celebrate the release of their 12th full length album Alas rattoisaa virtaa, “an overflowing tub of funny jelly”.

CORE OF THE COALMAN (“explosive textures”)

PYLORIS (“fresh rubs”)

REIJO PAMI (“revolutionary simple maximum confusion”)

and all that for only:
n !


its happening here, on earth:





Saturday, August 9

at 1:00pm

nyt täydelliset tiedot,

käännetty suomeksi,

parhaan kykyni mukaan,

ja sen avulla Google Translator:

Lauantai, 9 elokuu
klo 13:00

Nähdään siellä

line -up should be similar to the recent “hot legs” lineup seen here:


clicking here will take you to the facebook page for this event, and drain you all all remaining brain cells





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