Amphibious Radost released on Kirigirsu Recordings in Japan, and Last (for now) Concert in Turku

 Friday the 29th at Nykytaidetila Kutomo, Tsembla, myself  (thats Core of the Coalman, at times, and usually when the moon is not full), and Kuupuu, are going to have a concert.  This is my last concert before I have to leave beautiful Turku, and Finland,  and these are some of my favorite musicians, so check out the links below to their musics and come listen, its going to be a fun show!  I wish I didn’t already have to leave here, and I would like to make it back here again, and soon…


Himera esittää: Core of the Coalman (US), Kuupuu & Tsembla

Elokuun Himera-klubilla soivat äänitaiteilija Jorge Boehringerin alttoviululla ja elektroniikkalla tuotetut tarkkailun ja havainnoimisen rituaalit, Kuupuun ihmispentujen hypnoosimelodiat, sekä Tsemblan elektroniset hämähäkkien pariutumistanssit. Boehringer työskentelee kesän aikana Titanikin residenssitaiteilijana ja Core of the Coalman on hänen musiikillinen alter egonsa. Kuupuu on vaeltaja vuorilla ja kaupungeissa. Tsembla monistaa maailmoja peilien lailla mielikuvituksen ja äänen avulla.




Aika: Pe 29.8.2014, klo 18-22
Paikka: Nykytaidetila Kutomo
Liput: 3 e
Tuotanto: Himera & Ehkä

Kuva: Tomáš Vodňanský

6:58 am  •  15 August 2014

footbach event page


Hey, also, like, wow man check this out:


That is a link to my new full-length recording, Amphibious Radost

It is being published by Kirigirisu Recordings in Japan, who amazing, and are putting out a lot of interesting things, which you can sample on their pages:


hey, whats that picture?  its an image of a  painting (or print?  but I think its an ink painting originally) by Hokusai

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