PrettyOldSound Concert+Core of the Coalman&the Alpha Strategy Baltic Seaboard Tour+NewlyReleasedRecordings

Here It Comes Again



Our Equally Well-Dressed Version is called Pretty Old Sound, and is pictured below:


We are performing tomorrow night, albeit as a duo, in Vzorkovna, in Prague.

 (located at Bartolomějská 13, Praha 1, 11000 Prague, Czech Republic)

starts at 8, ok?

all the information can be found here at Standard Media Hole:
but its also written right here, below, starting with the following genre-identified bullet points and links:

pretty old sound (bg, usa) – ”romanticky” rock n’ roll / this time duo

alpha strategy (canada) – experimental noise rock / post-punk

fuck it duet (cz) – experimental / free improvisation / noise

the holy groovers (cz) – blues / garage / acoustic


we have no real idea as to the order, but it will probably cost 150kc or less.

This is our new video, which is based on a show we are rumored to have played in Tabor back in July or June:

wait, that’s not right, its this one:

“the only day i ever look to, like i do
across her back i look, for all the simple things”Dimitar Dimov

Then Wednesday, I begin a Core of the Coalman tour

as opening act for Canadian band Alpha Strategy

Tuesday, September 02 – Prague, Czech Republic @ Vzorkovna
Thursday, September 04 – Jelgava, Latvia @ Melno Cepurišu Balerija
Friday, September 05 – Kaunas, Lithuania @ SOTU Festival
Saturday, September 06 – Vilnius, Lithuania @ SOTU Festival
Sunday, September 07 – Tallinn, Estonia @ Kultuuriklubi Kelm
Monday, September 08 – Riga, Latvia @ Nabaklab
Tuesday, September 09 – Poznan, Poland @ Troche Kultury

please join us if you are nearby, and/or a maniac

they have organized this tour in support of their new and self-titled record

which is availiable for listening and purchase

HERE on their Bandcamp site


perhaps my use of a link that actually goes where it is supposed to shocks you?

below here is a taste of my new tape coming soon from Feathered Coyote Records, the amazing tape label run by Bird People (whose King of the Grove recording, linked to there…really! is one of my favorite!)

purchase the tape here!


and here is my aforementioned full-length Japanese Release from Kirigirsu recordings

Amphibious Radost

(availiable for purchase on their website)


its curtains


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