Amphibious Radost (Kirigirisu Recordings) + New Chords (Feathered Coyote Records)

so there is a full moon and clouds so that the clouds almost cover the moon but the moon is moving and the moon almost covers the clouds and I am standing on my coattails and just like sister ray said I am going to rip my coattails clean fucking off when I open and... Continue Reading →


celebrating 20 years of “trashcan antidote(s) to LaMonte Young” and my feet on a large island

It is, of course, better to announce concerts BEFORE they happen.  This one happened the day I arrived in England, and as such, there was no time, but it was so nice that I wanted to notate here some small record of its existence.  Perhaps because I have recently moved, and I need to confirm... Continue Reading →

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