Spandril/Core of the Coalman/Exhibition Opening at Fuse Gallery in Bradford/Picture of Someone in a Blue Suit

 This Saturday evening, March 28th join us at Fuse Art Space in sunny Bradford for an evening of solo performances by sound artists Spandril (Mark Hadman) and Core of the Coalman (Jorge Boehringer), and to celebrate the opening of the new exhibition in Fuse, Canvas. The exhibition and concert are free, and everything starts at... Continue Reading →


Spreading Misery (and Music) with Mikko Levón

"I'm a thirtysomething learning curve. Lived for the past 11 years in Turku. I grew up and was educated in Kuusamo,  though been born in the darkest Ostrobothnia I have a seven year old daughter, lots of books and a new bicycle.  Huge fan of Cocteau Twins, Bob Dylan, Carl Sagan and  The Larry Sanders... Continue Reading →

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