Friday:Cathy Heyden/Roger Smal, Festival Romance, and Daniel Thomas Concert in Todmorden/Monday Afternoon: Discrete Positions Exhibition Opening

Our band, Festival Romance, have our first show on May 1st, at 7pm, in Todmorden at the gigantic Unitarian Church on the top of the hill:

We will be performing alongside Daniel Thomas, and a duo of Cathy Heyden and Roger Smal.  The whole beautiful evening costs a meager 5 pounds, and there will be delicious local craft beers on sale, and maybe even home cooking.


We make experimental music, but we also have a strong interest in singing, and in improvisation.  Lately we have been making  a lot of songs based the chronicles of a warewolf who lives up on the moors and makes his daytime living as a milkman.  We play various instruments, and here are some tracks recorded in our practice space, though these are largely pre-Warewolf:

Cathy Heyden.
Autodidact sax improviser enjoys encounters with other musicians, dancers , comedians, poets and performers from all over the world such as Faust, Geoff Leigh, Jac Berrocal, Lost woman, Morihide Sawada.

Rogier Smal. A drummer who experiments with free percussion sounds. Besides playing in art collective Dagora he plays with different musicians and solo. Lately Rogier has been lucky enough to have been making sonic waves of liberty with gems like: Jaap Blonk, Marshall
Allen, Dylan Carlson, Eugene Chadbourne, Geoff Leigh, Ludo Mich, City Hands, Sunburned hand of the man, Mik Quantius, Daevid Allen, and many more.

Daniel Thomas
Solo performance from Daniel who is half of ‘Hagman’ and runs the Sheepscar Light Industrial label.

We also have the exciting websites below if its not enough, or, for example, you need to be confused:

And Monday afternoon is the Opening of the Exhibition Discrete Positions, a Group show of Huddersfield-based Artists.  The show will be opened with a free performance by the amazing London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists Ensemble:


photo courtesy of Charlotte Cullen

Opening Event: Monday 4th May 1.00pm for 1:30

Exhibition Continues: Monday 4th May – Friday 15th May

Unit 9 Gallery, Market Avenue (in the arcade), Huddersfield

(the photos included below look nothing at all like the work in the show and are in fact just snaps from our shared studio space, which is itself the physical and collective basis for this group exhibition)

What is an assemblage? It is a multiplicity which is made up of many heterogeneous terms and which establishes liaisons, relations between them, across ages, sexes and reigns – different natures. Thus, the assemblage’s only unity is that of co-functioning: it is symbiosis, a ‘sympathy’. It is never filiations which are important, but alliances, alloys; these are not successions, lines of descent, but contagions, epidemics, the wind.

—Deleuze and Parnet


Discrete Positions presents an assemblage of Huddersfield-based artists working across different media including sculpture, site-specific installation, painting, drawing, sound art and performance who have come together through the shared space of NYA’s Huddersfield studio to present their individual works within the context of a collective exhibition. In doing so they will generate reflective exchanges, beginning a conversation between different concepts and practices and initiating critical dialogue across Huddersfield’s rich spectrum of artistic activities.


Kashika Ashley Cooper

Jorge Boehringer

Charlotte Cullen

Eleanor Cully

Beavan Flanagan

Dex Hannon

David Pocknee

group photo courtesy of Dex Hannon

We are also very honored to have Soloists from the London Contemporary Orchestra performing a free concert at our opening event beginning at 1.30pm!!!

London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists draws together principal players from the London Contemporary Orchestra for intimate performances of contemporary chamber music. This performance will feature string players Galya Bisengalieva, Mira Benjamin, Robert Ames and Gregor Riddell as soloists and together in a string quartet. The performance will explore an eclectic mix of sounds and styles to complement the Discrete Positions art exhibition.

Opening Event: Monday 4th May 1.00pm for 1:30

Exhibition Continues: Monday 4th May – Friday 15th May

Unit 9 Gallery, Market Avenue (in the arcade), Huddersfield

flaphook event page

here is a photograph of an actual light:

photo courtesy of Charlotte Cullen

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