Music for Robotic Piano in Huddersfield Sunday October 25

This Sunday the 25th of October

please join us

in Phipps Hall at the University of Huddersfield

at 7:30 pm

for an evening of music for a robotic piano (RHEA) and humans, including


Peter Ablinger
Winfried Ritsch
Thomas Musil
Daniel Portelli
Alexander F. Müller
Lawrence Dunn
Pablo Vergara
Jorge Boehringer
Alex Grimes
David Pocknee
Ana Lemnaru
Leo Svirsky


free entry!



Concert will last roughly 2 hours with a break in the middle.  Works vary in duration from 45″ to 45′ and vary considerably in character as well, and in volume, from near silence, to, uhhh….



From Ritsch’s website: “Autoklavierspieler”, invented by Winfried Ritsch, is an robot piano player, also called “Vorsetzer”, designed to play every common (grand) piano with individual dynamics for each key as fast as possible. A massive frame with 88 electromechanical finger, which are moved by solenoids, is mounted on a keyboard. Controlled by microcontrollers, which are driven over a dedicated computer, the Autoklavierspieler can be controlled over Network, MIDI files and realtime generated algorithmic music.


Peter Ablinger has arranged for his long-time collaborator (Ritsch) and one of their pianos to visit Huddersfield for a residency and workshop.  They will present works on the Sunday concert along with world premiers of new works by CeReNem-based composers including Daniel Portelli, Alexander F. Müller, Lawrence Dunn, Pablo Vergara, Jorge Boehringer, Alex Grimes, and David Pocknee.




The recording in the video above is from a test of my piece Unnatural Processes, which is in three movements  ( A. reflections move in both directions/ B. border state’s rights/ C. the flock momentarily assumes an aspect of the head of Dmitri Shostakovich before departing into the distance).  I will perform this piece live with RHEA, the robot piano, in the concert.  What does that mean?  Come over to Huddersfield and find out.




Robotic Piano Concert
Sunday 25th October
7:30, Phipps Hall
University of Huddersfield
Huddersfield, UK
Free Entry




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