Friday the 20th of November: Girl Sweat, Marlo Eggplant, and Arttu Partinen (from Finland) in Todmorden! Come listen….

Jorge Boehringer (Core of the Coalman) and Ned (Was Ist Das?) team up to bring you a night of noise in Todmorden that will test just how crazy the venue Crazy8 can get (Crazy8 being the venue upstairs at the Golden Lion in Todmorden).

Girl Sweat – FUCK YEAH! amphetamine industrial psyche rock from Stockton, like Pussy Galore meets Cabaret Voltaire


Marlo Eggplant is a prominent figure in a thriving and diverse international scene of female experimental music performers. With an intuitive command of minimal instrumentation, including processed autoharp and contact microphones, Marlo Eggplant’s sparsely structured notes and layered static textures build into sonically dense drone improvisations.



Arttu Partinen [aka Amon Dude] is over from Finland spreading sonic chaos everywhere he goes. Expect oodles and oodles of acid-fried noise exploding in your head drum.


£5 in, last train friendly but with party fun and drinking afterwards for the locally inclined

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