French New Tapes and Upcoming Two Concerts in and around the ‘shire


I will be performing a concert of new electronic music in Huddersfield on Friday January 29th.

This performance is free, and is being produced by Unnaway and the Bacon Jam Collective.

The concert takes place within the mirrored former dance studio that Unnaway has been using for monthly exhibitions over the last four months or so.  The current exhibition, “…and to dust all return” will be open during the concert.  The venue is located in the center of Huddersfield, very close to the train station, in the alley across from Oxfam books.  Note that there are two Oxfam charity shops in Huddersfield, this is the alley across from the one that specializes in books (its quite great in fact, come early and have a look around).

Also performing are a new trio of John Aulich and James Wood (a trio of two), and Richard Craig.  More information below:

The Mirror Room, 9 Market Walk, Huddersfield HD1 2QA

Friday, January 29

at 7 PM


In collaboration with U N N A W A Y

BaconJam presents:
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Aulich/Wood Trio
First live performance from this new trio, premiering sounds from their upcoming album “Hold on to your Chai Lattes!” to be released on Silent Howl, spring 2016

Richard Craig
luminous – Kristian Ireland
The work luminous (2013-2014) is the outcome of two years of detailed communication and collaboration between Richard Craig and myself, from late 2011 onward. Alternating ingressive and egressive resonance (sound via inhalation/exhalation), and microtonal multiphonics with flexible voicings. In luminous, the natural aspects of these materials are allowed to sound and expand as wholly as possible. In sequence, they connect closely and form longer resonant threads. The amplification is an aural magnifying lens, focusing the human breathing process as a sound element.

Core of the Coalman
Jorge Boehringer’s solo project Core of the Coalman(US/CZ), is an open sketchbook, and a collection of compositions in a state of evolution. This performance is a moment of frozen time, thawed live like a Tyrolean mummy, with the aim of hearing oneself hearing.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
U N N A W A Y presents
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

..And To Dust All Return

Private View Friday 22nd January
Open by appointment 23rd Jan – 5th Feb

Concert curated by BaconJam Friday 29th January

Closing event with evening of readings Friday 5th February

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I will be performing on my newish variable shoe size synthesizer instruments (below) as well as the feedback driven yodel triggers pictured above:


I have a new tape just released after a long long long long long long long long wait:

cover only


Released by the Nancy, France based musique label of performance, noise, radio, and recording artiste Nurdin William Nurdin William

on his recording label RoHs

This tape, titled Natural Objects, approximately one hour long tape consists of electronic music created in Czech Republic some time ago.  As RoHs believes that it only makes sense to release “analog music” on analog formats like cassette, this recording follows an AAA approach, the only digital element in the entire production chain being the printer used to produce the cover and probably whatever machine produced the plastic for the tape.


Analog circuits, using analog processes, my body and that the body of Romano Krzych (who joined for the last track ‘Biofeedback’, microphones, movement, a viola, and maybe something else like harmonica were used to make the three pieces contained herein.

other influences abound:



tape on grey

then, you have a chance to come to Sheffield to beautiful Bank Street Arts center to see Sophie Cooper and I perform some version of the duo project we stumbled up last autumn…perhaps joined by a mysterious third party…

This all takes place on the first show of Peak Signal 2 Noise’s new concert season and also features a performance from Katz Mulk, a new project of Bens Knight(from Helhesten long ago and Human Heads more recently)and Morris (from wonderful Chora and Akce Phallus)…

Saturday, February 6

at 7:30 PM

Bank Street Arts

facwebok ewent

32-40 Bank Street, S1 2DS Sheffield

Peak Signal 2 Noise – the anti-TV music telly show – is back for series two… and for a year of convulsively dilgent exploration into whatever intersections we find between our favourite thngs, namely <LIGHT> <SOUND> <SPACE> with a residency at the Bank Street Arts. We are proud to be wedded to two of Sheffield’s truly independent creative channels (BSA and Sheffield Live!) and will do all we can to stretch things our end…


SOPHIE COOPER + CORE OF THE COALMAN – sonic probing and degradation of space with some viola and then some trombone.

KATZ MULK – Exciting new collaboration between Ben Knight (Psykick Dancehall / Human Heads) and Ben Morris (Chora / Akke Phallus Duo) involving dry-ice sound triggering, sound collage and experiemtnal poetry.


Episode one will be shown big, loud and proud….


Suggested donation of £5 waged / £3 unwaged to go towards artists’ travel, but if you’re truly broke come and have a word!


Bank Street Arts sell lovely boozes, help them stay independent and free from tyrany by buying it and drinking it….


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