Cause Trouble in Far Away Places Without Even Flapping Your Wings

the mysterious Margaretova Citrony will collectively materialize and perform music at these spacetime coordinates:

Wednesday, March 30, 7pm

Kavárna Liberál

Heřmanova 6, 17000 Prague, Czech Republic

Also performing are





you can join in the fun for only 100 Czech Koruna


LEGION OF SWINE (uk ) se zajímá o zvuk/hluk. Týrat, rozbíjet na kousky a přetvářet ho do hmoty rakety. Vhodit trochu pokrytectví prostřednictvím politických a vládnoucích tříd a míchejte několik minut
is interested in noise. The potential to brutalise it, to smash it into pieces and to reconstruct it from a mass of racket. Throw in some hypocrisy via the political and ruling classes, and stir for several minutes.

Sister Body Pražské elektronické duo Sister Body ve svém zvuku mixuje prvky minimalistického synthwave a temného psych-dubu. Jedna z charakteristik jejich somnambulní, a přesto nervózní hudbu popisuje slovy: “Hutné mlhy utopených, težce zdelayovaných mužských a ženských hlasů pomalu prostupují skrz kostru rytmické architektury, která připomene disko krále Giorgia Morodera s neustále pronikajícími basovými riffy na povrchu.” Koncertují sporadicky, věnují se spíše izolované domácí práci na nahrávkách nebo dalším spřízněným projektům (Lightning Glove, Ruinu). Vycházejí z pražského okruhu KLaNGundKRaCH, jejich poslední nahrávky vyšly na limitovaných kazetách na baltimorském labelu Spleencoffin (Star/Red, 2013) a u britských Tesla Tapes (Lucifer Efekt, 2014).

Performance přirozeně obsahují běžně užívané nástroje jako violu a harmoniku stejně tak jako (feedback-driven jódlovací spouštěce), zvuky ustupujících tympánů působící tlaky v rovině sexuálního rozhraní, které rozširují upwardy-mobile Carnasitic pole s ornamenty. CORE OF THE COALMAN učinkoval na různých druzých koncertních programů od power electronics a noise performance k malým galerijním událostem rovněž podstatných uměleckcýh festivalech jako je Impact festival(představený Kraakem) a Colour Out of Space(představený Chocolate Monkem).
Performances normally include conventional instruments such as viola and harmonica, as well as feedback-driven yodel triggers,descending tympanic pressures implying sexual interface, and extended upwardly-mobile Carnasitic arrays, with ornaments. Core of the Coalman has been featured on all kinds of concert programs from power electronics and noise performances to small gallery events and on major art festival performances such as Impakt Festival (presented by Kraak) and Colour Out of Space (presented by Chocolate Monk).


Basking in their rise to extreme stardom, the quartet encountered glamorous difficulties known to other super groups like the Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. After a particularly disastrous evening, Citrony had a long collective look in the mirror and decided to clean their teeth. Using the recently developed chrionic deep freezing techniques, they took on a long refractory period, for meditation on the future. Resolving in 1989 to give something back to the earth, they respawned in 1990 to undertake a seven year dental apprenticeship which resulted in Teeth Types, an Orthodontical Stampede. Although a big hit in the square dance scenes of Nebraska, Bratislava, and Olomouc, this sophomore effort was largely overlooked, and critics, including the tooth fairy herself, regarded it as less focused, in need of glasses, and yet left no coins beneath the pillow.

Furthermore, tensions within the band rose. The yellow toothed road didn’t lead to Oz. Disagreements over song titles led to a long period in which band members individually stared off into space, not speaking to one another. Finally, after another ten years, someone made a coffee, and the group organized a trip to the beach. The newly released studio masterpiece, Vitame Vas Kentucky (We Welcome You To Kentucky) showcases the quartet’s return to their bluegrass roots with 10 new songs masterfully recorded and impeccably produced in their secret underground studios, the site of a former chemical factory.

Margaretova Citrony will be making rather impulsive and spontaneous concert appearances when they feel like it for the next 300 years. Since converting large parts of their material bodies to plasma and selling off pieces of their souls as real-estate in exchange for the ability to materialize and de-materialize throughout spacetime, they have been rehearsing more often, however actual collective materializations are rar,e as such phenomena are dependent on available universal material resources, clouds of dark matter, etc

A message from one band member was recently found written inside of an eggshell cracked for an omelette in Lousiana, and translated from its original sankrit writing. It read:

“We went to the beach with plans to leave Kentucky, now we aren’t sure if we are in Austrialia or Messier 31.”


The following day, I will be giving a talk at Prague College, where I used to teach, as part of their visiting artists series.  This is free and open to the public.

The exciting title of the talk is:

‘Practice Leading Research Leading Practice (And Other Infinities in My Recent Experimental Practice of Artistic Research)’

Using examples from my recent compositional work, I will highlight areas of intersection between research and practice.  Interactive relationships between aesthetic and research aims intersect in the experimental development of new approaches and technologies where unique applications result in unexpected experiences.  New experiences produce new questions, and the cycle continues….
Notions surrounding the role of the artist in academia and roles for academia in the life and work of an artist can be contextualized within our nature as curious human beings.  We are all students, and we are also all designers, seeking creative solutions for both philosophical and everyday problems.



of related notes is the following video, hot off the presses from Angela Guyton, and featuring some dynamic details from a recent Tracensemble concert featuring new compositions from Daniel Portelli, Pablo Vergara, and I .

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