Performing at The Noise Upstairs in Manchester this Thursday


I am really happy to be performing in Manchester this Thursday April 14th at The Noise Upstairs, the regularly occurring improvisational meetings organized by Anton Hunter and Rodrigo Constanzo.

In addition to joining into some spontaneously organized group improvisations (which anyone playing anything at all is welcomed to join) I also will be performing Unnatural Habitats, a new computer-based musical ecosystem performed live using a digital synthesis/sequencing platform designed in Pd.

Fuel Cafe Bar


448 Wilmslow Road, M20 3 Manchester, United Kingdom

pseudo-necessary footknob event information page link

The Noise Upstairs has been an institution dedicated to the practice of improvised music since its founding in 2007.  Based in Northwest England, it runs regular monthly events in Manchester, has hosted a number of creative workshops, invited a variety of local and international improv musicians to perform in both cities, and has even recently started supporting musicians as a small artist-centric label. Anton Hunter and Rodrigo Constanzo aim to make The Noise Upstairs a staple in the improvisation scene by continuing to re-imagine what The Noise Upstairs can be, and how it can serve musicians and artists both locally, and abroad.


also,you can now hear recordings and videos of several of my most recent projects here



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