Arthur, Son of Waterbull, Julian’s Love Both Curved and Divine, Two Bowls, and other pieces

Exciting Upcoming Concerts

The first one is on on Monday August 8 at FUSE Art Space  at 5-7 Rawson Place, BD1 3QQ in Bradford.  Starts at 8 and I am first.  The fabulous Marlo Eggplant also performing, along with Ian William Craig. I am going to be playing all the new pieces specified in the title of this exciting post (thats right: Arthur, Son of Waterbull, Julian’s Love Curved and Divine, Two Bowls, and other pieces) so please come over.  Costs 8.50.  get advance tickets here: Entry £8.50
Advance tickets via

Entry £8.50
Advance tickets via

Norman Records, your local hide-and-seek record store, presents an evening of spectacular droning sound from:


One of Norman’s favourite artists, Ian William Craig is an operatically trained vocalist from Vancouver who uses tape loops the way a school-kid might a litmus test: reaching for success but infatuated with failure, his works break in and out of cycles, mutating to create immersive drone medleys as noisy as Belong’s but as humane as Grouper’s. He’s released two records with Sean McCan’s Recital label — the fragmented but songwritten A Turn of Breath and Cradle For The Wanting, which consisted of nothing but vocals fed through reel to reels — and he’s about to release another for FatCat’s classical imprint 130701. You shan’t want to miss this.


Baltimore’s sound performance artist Marlo De Lara produces textural compositions under the Marlo Eggplant moniker. These develop from microscopic tone landscapes into dense and expansive states of noise and drone. Her works aim to blur the definitions of (un)intentional sound and music. The many noises and tones of De Lara’s live performances are sourced from autoharps, contact mics, vocals and loops, amongst other tools. Her pieces have minimalist origin stories that can be breached through a knowing and often slow-burning approach to improvisation. She curates the excellent Ladyz In Noyz series while playing a myriad of ever-changing shows through Yorkshire and beyond. A Marlo Eggplant set is sure to both establish sounds and let them establish themselves.


A sound man of both academic and recreational disciplines, he’s done all things drone upon his viola while also tinkering through harmonica and electronics. His noise is a treat and his large discography of cavernous sound makes for a good musical vitae.


Then, next Thursday in Dublin, I will play a show being organized by the We Are Worst group, so it looks to be a good time.  They said I will “operate in a space which pulls together in-the-red scumbag minimalism, intuitive performance art and american folk traditions through a heremetic, inward-looking psychedelia ”  and so I will try.  Not sure what else is on the bill but it should be a surprise.  Scheduled for 8pm start, at edge hunters… Anseo Camden Street 18 camden street lower, Dublin…free entry.

Following there there is the I think I have the one or maybe the two performances that I was going to do on the festival formerly known as the Monk and The Nun All-Day BBQ and Sleepover Camp.  This festival had an amazing line-up, but it has unfortunately been cancelled.  The original flyer (designed by artist Jake Blanchard) is below BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME, but PLEASE IGNORE ANY DETAILS as the festival unfortunately no longer exists.



Yet some part of this DOES exist.

There will be a “Monk and the Nun Mini-Fest” happening in another venue August 13th and 14th (I believe the organizers’ home…located in Drumnadubber Woods in the midst of Ireland…very close to the secret rehearsal cave and epic studio of the mysterious psych-rock revelation known as the Woven Skull)

So far confirmed are


So, it all looks pretty good. But see the official facebook page for all the details including what to do if you want to figure out where it really is and stuff:



Finally, we have one last event to announce right now, a new small ensemble consisting of Megan Steinberg, Phil Maguire, Eleanor Cully and myself will present an evening of lowercase and drone music at Fuse Gallery (5-7 Rawson Place, BD1 3QQ) in Bradford.

. This concert brings together the work of emerging UK based composers and sound artists, and the American composer and filmmaker Phill
Niblock. Comprised of two parts, this concert will first present reductive and drone compositions by Eleanor Cully, Phil Maguire and Jorge Boehringer before their performance of Niblock’s dense, loud dronescape Disseminate. 

This one costs 4 pounds and starts around 8 on Sunday, August 29th, so please come over!  If my dreams come true we will be playing my new quartet for wooden blocks (some shaped like frogs) and electronics.

Eleanor Cully – new work
Phil Maguire – there will be no miracles here
Core of the Coalman (Jorge Boehringer) – new work
Phill Niblock – Disseminate
Performed by Cully, Maguire, Steinberg and Boehringer




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