Political situation go you down?  Nothing like a little harsh noise to ease the pain.  Below are three versions of my piece Hand Catching Lead.  It is one of several pieces I made based on films by Richard Serra.  In this one I treated Serra’s film as video score, simply imitating the movements of both the hand and the lead with my instruments.

The instruments consisted of a no-input mixer (or a cross -modulated, self-oscillating feedback system to be super redundant and amazing sounding) and- one of my favorite instruments-  a little mint tin from Letna Filmova Skola Uherske Hradiste full of amerikan coins (ah the symbolism) with a contact mic stuck to it.  Maybe its even in the picture below.


So, yeah, I shook the mint tin to the shaking and (not) catching of the lead.  And now you can do.  Vicariously.

Things to do with Hand Catching Lead:

1. Listen to it

1a. loud

1b . soft

2. Play it (approximately) at the same time as the video above.

2a. becoming frustrated and/or irate that it doesn’t match up or exactly

2b. becoming elated that it matches up perfectly

3. Become Irate and Scream “Its Not Music!”

4. Become Irate and Scream at Your President


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