Archeology and the Spectrum: Editions Two and One


here are archived versions of two recent radio shows I have done with radio CAMP:

the most recent one (since for whatever reason I am as yet unable to list the artists and tracks properly on this mixcloud page) features

The Looming Mountain is a Wide-Awake Body – Bird People (Autumnal Hum LP)

Relation d’un Reve (Robert Desnos, recorded for radio broadcast in 1938)

Huddersfield Radio-Dinner Theatre (Emergency Delivery)

Ashtray Navigations Caeduceus (from Caeduceus & Black Sal LP)

Cheval De Frise (melange of tracks from the EP La Lame du mat (Ruminance, réédité en 2007 par Minority Records)


the first one features:

Features old and new hits by Acrid Lactations (then also later Jointhee and Thee Acrid Lactations), Woven Skull, 75 Dollar Bill, Trowser Carrier, Fat Worm of Error, Parish of Unwelcome Insurance and Oakwhistle, Altaat, and Mooncup Accident and the New York City!



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