Flower Corsano Duo and Core of the Coalman at Northern 1/4th Huddersfield THIS FRIDAY!

First of all, apologies for the very late notice.  I have moved house recently and have not got properly functioning internet as of yet.  HOWEVER, I am very excited to be sharing the bill with the Flower Corsano Duo this Friday at Huddersfield’s Northern Quarter, an amazing and still new-ish venue here, worth a trip over in itself.

I haven’t a flattering picture of myself on hand however, I do have an image of my sturdy Realistic Concertmate-700 with which I will be paying three new pieces Friday.  No glue gun for this show.

In the process of moving over the past week I came across a zine made in Oslo, Norway in 2009.  This was a small zine produced by DANS FOR VOKSNE who put on concerts in Oslo of various weirdo musics.  It just so happens that this zine contained interviews with both Chris Corsano (regarding this duo) and Core of the Coalman (myself) since we played there a mere month apart.  This time, in Huddersfield we play both at the same venue and even closer in time.  To bad Per Gisle is not in Huddersfield to join us!

I am reprinting these pages below so you can learn all about our projects, or at least what we said about them in 2009.  One side is in Norwegian and the other in English.  You might have to zoom.

Ads below?  If not for toothpaste, best just ignore them.


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