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Lo Egin bring their ecstatic doom from Leeds to Huddersfield,

Eleanor Cully Recycled Snow Carol new choral piece for the 8-piece vocal group the Part Singers,and then

its Armantas Gečiauskas Arma Argharta: mumble-dore sound wizard and space-bandit,

ALL for a mere 4pounds!!! and pizza (vegan and gf pizza too) upstairs! 7:30!

Wait, so doom-drone-freeimprov melee, and then a beautiful piece of brand new contemporary music sung by an eight piece madrigal choir, followed by a shamanic goof-wizard all for 4 quid?  and I can get pizza?


March 2, 2019
Small Seeds
120 New Street
Huddersfield HD1 2UD
£4, 7:30 door 8pm show
No one refused for lack of funds

Lo Egin
Quasi-improvised doom with horns! Riyl Brass Sabbath, Candlebrass, Sunny r0)))ins. Scream if you want to go slower. It comes from Leeds, but stays in your heart.

Recycled Snow Carol:
A poem of a few words drifting slowly as two quartets at the same time pass unbeknownst to one another amid snowy drifts. Written for the Part Singers – local madrigal group featuring:

Eleanor Cully
Fiona Pacey
Ruth Bostock
Roshan Battiwalla
Ben Drury
Ruairidh Pattie
Chris Kneale
James Beattie

Accompanied by the fizz and sprinkles of the tape part by Eleanor Cully
+ a short reading of Lemon Snow Dream (by EC to SB)

Then, its:
shamanic sound-wizard
ARMA AGHARTA (Lithuania)
ritual / dada / toys / objects / voice / action / costumes / spiritual / maximalist
Arma Agharta is the sound performance artist and promoter from Lithuania devoted to improvised and experimental music. He got invovled in the world wide underground 20 years ago by publishing zines, running label, playing in bands and organizing shows. Currently Arma is concentrated on live performances and in curating events in Lithuania.
Since 2007 he has done more than 450 performances all over the world, from Brazil to Phillipines, from Greenland to Siberia.
His intense and high energy shows span a broad territory between the eruptions of chaotic noise and hypnotic psychedelic ritual to dadaist humour, odd bodily movements, spontaneous improvised games and the voice, detached from meaning and turning into unintelligible glossolalia.
Participated in these festivals and special events:
Sonic Protest (France), All Ears (Norway), Arctic Sounds (Greenland), Volta (Mexico), Destroy Vancouver (Canada), Transgresje (Poland), Gogbot (Netherlands), Sonic (Denmark), Construction (Ukraine), Le mini Who (Netherlands), Mlode Wilki (Poland), Camp (Germany), Aposition (Russia), Hamselyt (Ukraine), Other Worlds (UK), MEM (Spain), FIME (Mexico), Noise & Fury (Russia), Sonic Circuits (USA), E:MF (USA), SOTU (Netherlands), Sound Around (Russia) and all the main Lithuanian festivals.
His music is exclusively released on cassette format in various European and American labels.


The next show is at Arcade Coffee (formerly Blue Rooms, for those in the past) in the beautiful Byram Arcade in Huddersfield, Thursday the 21st of March and features a program that ventures from quasi-improvised psychedelia, to contemporary music and Bach (I couldn’t resist that…) 6 pounds.  8pm.

The Slowest Lift

Irine Røsnes


Worship My Panther


after all these exciting activities, its time to Come To Camp! There is a great session scheduled for April on Deep Listening, Improvisation and Spatial Sound with myself and Phill Niblock, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Lea Bertucci, and Tim Shaw. Should be a great week of practice in the great outdoors with immersive sound diffusion sessions, sound walks, discussions, performances, and hiking!

My seminar is entitled Sonic Bridges in the Practice of Everyday Life and kicks things off right at the beginning. There are several ways to get extra funding for this too, see the camp website for details, it  is selling out fast! Course info, videos and booking: #deeplistening #mountains #music

The concept of Deep Listening, as coined by Pauline Oliveros when her nascent Deep Listening Band descended into an underground cistern to perform using the space’s 45-second reverb, has become increasingly vital in modern music. She described Deep Listening as “listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what one is doing”. This course will hurl a small group of intrepid listeners deep into these principles of active sound experience, guided by five of the most acclaimed and experienced pioneers of the field – Phill Niblock Kara-Lis Coverdale Lea Bertucci Tim Shaw  and Jorge Boehringer .

sign up, or get more information here:


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