Luke Martin: Practice in the Imaginary + Other Upcoming Things + MUSIC

Join us Thursday July 18th at 19:00 at Arcade Coffee in Huddersfield

beneath the beautiful blue wood of the Byram Arcade

we will form a quartet

featuring special guest Luke Martin

along with

Ryoka Akama

Eleanor Cully

and Jorge Boehringer

to practice the imaginary

this night the imaginary will take form in free improvisation

and the performance of some of Luke’s scores

from a series of scores of the same title

everything is liminal

except for this poster, which is pretty clear, we hope:


This event presented in a collaboration between New Weird Huddersfield and AME.


Otherwise, and mostly because of me being overwhelmed at the moment

New Weird Huddersfield is on vacation until September when we return with

a psychogeographical evening on September 7 featuring activity we have curated in support of the

4th World Conference of Psychogeography

being held, as each summer, here in Huddz

and surrounding areals like Dewzelles-Down-the-Line


This year, the programme features an evening event to be held September 7

at Small Seeds, in Huddersfield

more details to follow

but performances by Malcy Duff from Scotland (and one half of Usurper)

post hibernation re-emergence from the cave of the precambrian

Kneeling Coats

and the Napoleon III (and IV?)

along with Kevin Boniface

and perhaps interventions from Phils Wood and Smith


this is followed, “the morning after” by a comix workshop at the Making Space in the Media Centre, Huddersfield, with Malcy Duff!!! (again, more information coming soon!)


ALSO we are very pleased to be bringing

Bell Lungs and Raeppen

for a special afternoon show at the Northern Quarter

On Sunday 22nd of September

at 5pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((((((((((((((((more infos about all these coming soon!!!!))))))))))))))))))

and for you:

bright psych cycles

dialated black hole

surrounded by first rays

sun bending, around atop a passing moon



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