scene at the dawn of the day before

I am pleased to announce the release of this a new single track sound situation:

‘scene at the dawn of the day before’

It is a little bit like an early spring field recording 

mixed greens from another planet

and sounds in places like slightly melted organ music 

bouncing off of a cold church floor in someone else’s memory

However, it was actually recorded here on earth (in Norwich and Huddersfield)

and features the amazing dawn(-ish) chorus of birds near Thorpe St Andrew playing, with my assistance,

synthesizers and resonators, some designed by me.

Like the weather report: partly spooky.

I am very very pleased to be able to be able to have an image of the painting “Shapes of Birds” by artist Lawrence Wells, to pair with these sounds. Lawrence is a favorite artist of mine, a painter living and working for a long time in Prague, Czech Republic. The original painting is oil-on-linen.

Please check out more of Lawrence’s paintings on his website or Instagram:

scene at the dawn of the day before:

sometime, close to easter

first recorded in Thorpe-St-Andrew, Norwich, UK

birds gathered in a tree plantation, early day

I fell asleep but the recorder didn’t

second, recorded in Huddersfield, also UK

while I look out the window

some time after noon

the birds from the first recording

are now playing synthesizers 

in my daydream 

one pulls a patch cable 

from a hole

and shoves it in another

worms crawl across the modular ground

the screen is covered in fossilized tracks

that are then mixed

(I am just watching 


stretching themselves out

they shake their feathers 

and part them singing

opening their backs

they climb out 

thus, the birds turn into dinosaurs 

the sun rises backwards

and the day begins again

(Jorge Boehringer)

now be a dear and ignore any adds appearing below

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