Join us for an in-person show at Cafe Oto in London Thursday August 12!

Come see Eleanor and I play at Cafe Oto in London, IN PERSON this Thursday August 12!


Two solo sets celebrating the new vague.
Expect probable intrusions/assistance from each of us in the other’s set, along with voices of birds, butterflies, refrigerators and perhaps ponds. Also Singing and Low Guitar.

Some info:


Eleanor is a sound artist, composer and singer based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Her practice brings together direct encounters with sound and recorded audio. Her work proceeds by iteration, and often involves subtle amplification of the spaces within which she embeds it. Eleanor thus consciously combines listening experiences of sound with the space or room that it inhabits. In framing and re-framing contexts in her work, she creates varied experiences that play upon memory and repetition and draw upon environmental sound, traditional and contemporary song, poetry, and documentary narratives.


Sound artist, amp worshiper, composer, writer, researcher and experimentalist. Propositions for listening to space, time, and memory through interaction with information and instruments in everyday life and dreams. Situations and/or music: sound patterns, noise, and continua. Music for ensembles, individuals, and self as solo performer (viol-viola, guitars, noise, objects, percussion, voice, electronics).

Themes of interest include

{morphology, pattern formation & recognition

(biological, meteorological, hydrological, geological, illogical)},


(visible-invisible, temporal, real-unreal, situations-circumstances)},

{environments (ecological, interactive, irrational)},

{(pre-) history (& post-)}

Naturally, we are mind-blown to be able to get out and play for you after this long year. Hope to see you there.


ignore any mis-representational marketing manifesting below or around this line!

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