Here is the score to “At Their Own Rates” a composition for which this website takes its name:


Here is the score for the orchestra work Tzero: Another 1 Over the Square Root of One Minus v squared Over T squared (see the video above for the first movement, with score and see the Sounds page for a recording of the first movement) t0_score

(second page is upside-down, fair warning)

A lot of my recent work concerns the  continuity or degree of countability of time or elastic musical pulse, as well as exploring degrees of fusion and independence within musical textures as ensembles and individuals form the reason behind most of my recent pieces.  Why and how are certain elements foregrounded or backgrounded and what leads the listener to render a change as having occurred at a particular time, or group musical events together?

 Below is a video and the score for In Warmer Seasons, a chamber piece written for tracensemble in 2016:

 inwarmerseasons(link to score)

other recent pieces, also dealing with degrees of independence and fusion of individuals and ensembles, time frames and so forth.  Below is link to the audio from a recent performance of my quartet for wood blocks and sine waves called Descent from the High Arches and the Bog Chorus.  This was performed by myself and Eleanor Cully, Cassandra Miller, and Kathryn Gray at Cafe Ollo in Huddersfield in October 2016:


The score is actually a pd patch, which is available upon request to any potential groups who would like to perform this piece.  The performers play along to a set of visual metronomes which can be seen in the instructions, given below:

below is a page from the sketch for a piece/strategy based solely on volumes of filled and unfilled time that I created for the Prague Improvisors Orchestra and Cesky Rozhlas called “Lotus Effect at the Compromise Between S and X”



This was premiered live by PIO over in Studio Hrdinu, below Vltrzni Palac, Praha, in Autumn 2013.  It was part of a live radio broadcast bringing together contemporary music groups in both Spain and Czech Republic, live on the airwaves.

another improvisational composition for our group PIO, this one was entitled Elements, and some pages from the score appear below:





A duet for Violin and Viola, “Primordia and Other Opportunities for Growth” can be seen in score form by clicking on the links below:






I am very interested in acoustic ecology and have made some large-scale works in response to this.  Below is some documentation for some long-duration outdoor works made in California, taking the environment into ourselves, and ourselves out into it:

here is the score to anti-ore


the main page is below, with recordings:

I had a full recording of the 6 hour performance, but it is somewhere in california

here are moments in two of the tunnels:


if anyone has more recordings of these or of the other pieces below, please get in touch (at the bottom of that page)

sometime after these was Shelter:

here we broadcast all species of beacons across the hilltops

(no recordings exist but a site-specific performance in another city is always on order)

Finally, here is the score to an as yet unperformed work for orchestra that I wrote specifically to celebrate my time here in Czech republic and to contemplate one of Prague’s most amazing monuments, Vysehrad.

View from the High Castle in the Center of the Donut Universe, for Orchestra

for web smaller

(hi-res version and midi performance available by request)

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