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and here below are a number of releases:


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or listen to these tracks here:


this track appears on the Symmetrical Cavepeople self-release from 2011

Mysterious Sources of Light:

written several years ago, performed by Ensemble, Inc in New York City

Wedding Music:

Tzero: Another 1 Over the Square Root of One Minus v squared Over T squared:

for orchestra, otherwise same as above, score is on this website someplace if you are curious


title track from the 2010 release You’ll Need a Katapult (Klangundkrach, Czech Republic)


track made from pieces created from sound design artifacts left over from an installation with Norwegian artist Anders Gronlien


first track from Affinity Groups

Victory Kites:

second track from Affinity Groups

Donut Universe:

from Affinity Groups

Canons at Undisclosed Locations:

final track from Affinity Groups

Last.Fm has pages under the names Jorge Boehringer, JorgeBoehringer, and Core of theCoalman:

(this record was bootlegged in China and they changed

the name to “Greek Mythology World”

(this one was originally released on BOC – bent over

cowboy, or bag of crap, depending on your feeling-

which was a label in Oakland and i really like it but it is

gone gone gone, except for here are most of the tracks)

(this one is so old no one has ever heard it, or

remembers it, except as an echo – cover drawing by Eric

King, as with Snow Lights and Unsynchronized Eye)

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